Christian Reply to Euthyphro's Dilemma

* District Attorney Euthyphro weighs in on Spike Lee and Gen. Flynn: Athens' district attorney Euthyphro weighs in on the hoax charges against General Michael Flynn being dropped and then on Spike Lee within 24 hours praising and then apologizing for praising Woody Allen. (See this at Turns out Jerry Falwell was ahead of his time. Thirty years ago on Bob Enyart Live we'd say that Falwell would schedule on his calendar, "Monday, issue statement. Wednesday, apologize." For whenever the Moral Majority leader would say something about a current moral controversy within 48 hours he would apologize. Now, #MeToo and Cancel Culture have leftists doing the same. Ha!) Euthyphro also explains why the concept of a "hate" crime, even though there's no such thing as "love" crimes, is nonetheless a valid concept. At this point in the program Bob introduces Euthyphro himself, a state's attorney headed to court in Athens to prosecute his own father who happens to come upon Socrates. If you search the web for: Christian answer to Euthyphro's dilemma, you'll see that Google ranks Bob's article at or near #1 at and that one of the world's most brilliant scientists, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, links to KGOV from his own writing on Euthyphro. Atheists today correctly use Euthyphro's dilemma (though they're unaware of doing so) to falsify Islam's claims of deity for Allah. We Christians however, beginning with the teaching of Jesus Christ, are able to answer Socrates, Euthyphro, and the atheists.

* Hannity Mentions Neal Boortz: Our recollection being prompted today by Sean Hannity, we suggest that you may enjoy hearing Bob Enyart debate this national "conservative" at

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