Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with McHenry Pt. 3

* The Navy's Geomorphologist vs Plate Tectonics: Thirty years mapping the ocean floors for the U.S. Navy left geomorphologist Christian Smoot strongly opposed to the theory of plate tectonics. Why? Because under the waves, the ocean floor terrain contradicts the theory in region after region, ocean after ocean, and feature by feature. The actual geography of the oceans falsifies today's unassailable politically correct theory. Smoot gave permission to summarize his evidence against plate tectonics to today's RSR friend Ellen McHenry, who we're now interviewing in the concluding Part 3 of our Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with McHenry series.

* Geologists Opposing Magma Plumes: Just click for RSR's list of scientists who reject magma plumes and who reject plate tectonics. Regarding magma plumes, Dr. Hamiton, 43-year veteran of the U.S. Geological Survey, author of over 100 peer-reviewed papers, Distinguished Senior Scientist, Geophysics Department, Colorado School of Mines, recipient of the closest award to a Nobel Prize in geology, the Penrose Medal, wrote:

Different rules of evidence apply to current paradigms than to challengers. For current paradigms, evaluation is not necessary, for challengers, proof must be overwhelming before even a discussion is warranted. Appalling papers in support of mantle plumes are now being published in major journals, perhaps indicating that pro-plume reviewers will welcome any debris that will heighten the rampart against a paradigm shift.

Suppression of dissent is common. I know of many examples of prominent members of the pro-plume community stifling anti-plume reports and research. Although these stiflers might tell themselves that they are maintaining professional standards, "bad science" to them means anything contrary to their own beliefs. Many reviewers block grants to, and prevent publication by, anyone who holds a contrary view.

Widely accepted assumptions regarding the composition and behavior of the mantle appear to be in error, yet evaluation of alternatives is actively discouraged. The present enthusiasm for plumes represents groupthink that is easily falsified and yet is impervious to evidence. The fact that we are scientists confers no infallibility upon us, and our egos often lead us astray.

Prof. H.C. Sheth with Bombay's Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and specialist on the Deccan flood basalt provinces, as recently as 1997 supported the plume theory but by 1998 he had made a complete reversal writing in Elsevier's Tectonophysics:

Superficially the mantle plume explanation seems attractive and has had a tremendous appeal. However, its numerous built-in fallaciescontradictions and failings are unfortunately little discussed in much of the current literature, and it has acquired the status of an unchallengeable dogma and an obvious fact (VII p. 2).

Few predictions and requirements of the mantle plume model seem to be fulfilled in the actual geology” (VII p. 20).

The plume idea is ad hoc, artificial, unnecessary, inadequate, and in some cases even self-defeating, and should be abandoned (VII p. 23).

The popular and widespread notion that hotspot tracks are simply the products of one or more plumes beneath moving plates is actually far from reality (VII p. 22).

* Smoot's Map with McHenry Markup: Smoot's North Atlantic fracture zones map with McHenry's red markup... 

Smoot's North Atlantic fracture zones map with McHenry markup

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Ellen McHenry, creator of the Brain Hat, making HPT materials!* Who Is Ellen McHenry? She's the creative genius behing Ellen McHenry's Basement Worshop, textbook author (Rocks & Dirt, The Elements, The Brain, and Mapping the World with Art) and creator of the renowned Brain Hat, used by some of the world's leading museums and science associations. McHenry's textbooks include many major discoveries and a lot of science left out of standard texts because of the questions these raise. Ellen McHenry's No rain before the flood coloring page for kidsAlso, Ellen's curriculum materials, while usable even in public schools and homeschool coops with diverse members, are not hostile toward the Christian worldview. For more resources, see or go directly to...
Hydroplate Theory for Kids page
- Ellen's No Rain Before the Flood coloring page
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Hydroplate Theory coloring chart for kids by Ellen McHenry

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