Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with McHenry Pt. 2

Important HPT Notice: Tonight, RSR has entered into an agreement to host an important new forum for Hydroplate Theory enthusiasts to better understand the flood model, to explore its implications, and to document that all scientists work for Walt Brown!  We'll all be able to interact with HPT supporters, and detractors, from around the world in a more effective way than ever before! Stay tuned for an update later this summer!

* The Navy's Geomorphologist vs Plate Tectonics: Thirty years mapping the ocean floors for the U.S. Navy left geomorphologist Christian Smoot strongly opposed to the theory of plate tectonics. Why? Because under the waves, the ocean floor terrain contradicts the theory in region after region, ocean after ocean, and feature by feature. The actual geography of the oceans falsifies today's unassailable politically correct theory. Smoot gave permission to summarize his evidence against plate tectonics to RSR friend Ellen McHenry who we're now interviewing in Part 2 of our Smoot vs. Plate Tectonics on RSR with McHenry series which concludes next week with Part 3.

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Ellen McHenry, creator of the Brain Hat, making HPT materials!* Who Is Ellen McHenry? She's the creative genius behing Ellen McHenry's Basement Worshop, textbook author (Rocks & Dirt, The Elements, The Brain, and Mapping the World with Art) and creator of the renowned Brain Hat, used by some of the world's leading museums and science associations. McHenry's textbooks include many major discoveries and a lot of science left out of standard texts because of the questions these raise. Ellen McHenry's No rain before the flood coloring page for kidsAlso, Ellen's curriculum materials, while usable even in public schools and homeschool coops with diverse members, are not hostile toward the Christian worldview. For more resources, see or go directly to...
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Hydroplate Theory coloring chart for kids by Ellen McHenry

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Ellen McHenry website screenshot; ITB resources

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