Enyart airs (with comments) a sermon posted on the Fox News website

* Fox News HeadlineTexas border town declares itself sanctuary city for the unborn: 'Here we will no longer murder our babies'. As it turns out, a great effort became morally bankrupt as an attorney "helping" Waskom, Texas corrupted the ordinance that the council members finally voted on into a morally compromised "pro-life" catastrophe. Bob Enyart discusses the matter and airs, with commentary, the sermon that's actually embedded on the Fox News website preached by BEL friend Rusty Thomas in Waskom two days before that vote. See also, Rusty's comments below. And one consideration. Never give God credit for things you don't know for certain He did, because credit often rightly turns into blame. Thus, here at BEL, we'd never begin the following remarks with, "In God's providence..."

Thoughts on Waskom, TX

by Rusty Thomas

In God’s providence, He put together a team to help Waskom, Texas become the first sanctuary city for the preborn by resolution and by ordinance. He raised up a visionary who saw danger approaching, Mark Lee Dickson, a scribe who penned two solid documents, the resolution and ordinance, Pastor Jon Speed, and a proclaimer to rally the church and the city to adopt these history making documents.

The resolution was passed and, in that sense, Waskom, TX made history in Texas by declaring itself a “sanctuary city” for the preborn. Of course, this has only rhetorical value as it lets the world know where they stand in defense of the preborn. The failure, however, came on the ordinance end. Though, they were given a clean bill that would have made Waskom a sanctuary city with the added teeth of enforcement, they went with the legal counsel of a lawyer who promised to defend the city. It weakened the bill and turned it from a solid abolitionist ordinance to a “pro-life” compromised ordinance. It declawed the mechanisms of enforcement and put it off until Roe. Vs. Wade is overturned. It is a trigger ordinance riddled with exceptions.

There was some good, however, that came out of this effort. The news of what happened went viral. Over 300,000.000 people saw the headline that read, “Texas border town declares itself sanctuary city for the unborn: Here we will no longer murder our babies.’” It was like a massive drop card that reached hundreds of millions of people. Our main ideas went forth. To most people, this was a fresh concept of ending the holocaust at the local level. It has spread since then to other cities and counties.

Another thing, I personally was blessed by, even though the city council backed off on the solid ordinance, they did count the cost and were willing to pay a price. They don’t have the money to defend themselves against massive lawsuits if sued. Their own city attorney considered the resolution and ordinance “unconstitutional” and refused to defend the city. Despite these two glaring challenges, they still voted unanimously for them both. Though this city did not go all the way, Waskom, TX still has gone farther than any other city to represent God’s heart and demand for justice on the behalf of the preborn.

The last good take away from this venture in Waskom is the lawyer who compromised the ordinance in some ways, strengthened it in other ways. As we move forward, we will be able to present better resolutions and ordinances for cities, counties, and states to be true sanctuary jurisdictions for the preborn.

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
National Director, Operation Save America

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