BEL February 2007 Telethon

Progress: $30,487 (122%) toward our goal of $25,000!
Some of our listeners mail their pledge into BEL, so we will report the final results of this telethon on March 7th!

Thank you all!

You have greatly helped us in our effort to keep BEL broadcasting for another year on America's most powerful Christian radio station, AM 670 KLTT (here's the radio signal coverage)! Our listeners made this the most successful telethon we've ever had!


$50Stephen B from Decatur
400Tony & Sherry R from Birmingham (16 BEL TV Classics + gift)


$500Johnny & Sharlene H from Compton (16 BEL TV Classics)
35Michael O from Canyon Country (The Plot on MP3-CD x2)
250Frank A, Canyon Country (4 BEL TV Classics)
250Dorothy N from Cypress (4 BEL TV Classics)


$5,200Dr. Ed U from Denver (in matching funds)!
1,000Joe from Denver (Donation)!
2,975Art G from Morrison (in matching funds)!
200Mark & Donna B from Westminster (Donation doubled)!
1,000Dr. Ed & Carla U from Denver (Donation doubled)!
200Anonymous from Thornton (Donation doubled)!
500Byron E from Parker (Donation doubled)!
370Dani from Colorado (8 TV Classics, Etc.)
500John & Leslie H from Watkins (Donation doubled)!
200David W from Denver (doubled)!
200Rick & Shirley S from Denver (doubled)!
200Brett D from Englewood (Donation)
50Art Z from Westminster (Donation)
500Robin W from Denver (subscription 16 BEL TV Classics)
50Beau & Amber B from Littleton
175Joseph D from Lochbuie (Donation & the BEL Store)
100Ken & Jo S from Westminster (Donation)
500Marilyn H from Denver (16 BEL TV Classics)
500Anonymous from Thornton (Donation)
1,000Dr. Ed & Carla U from Denver (pledged $100/month)
50Mike F from Thornton (Donation)
100Frank & Renee S from Longmont (Donation)
250Ed & Lolita H from Littleton (4 BEL TV Classics)
350James & Amy C from Westminster (8 BEL TV Classics)
350Mark & Susan S from Thornton (8 BEL TV Classics)
145Charles A from Colorado Springs (Bob Debates Eugenie DVD)
25Carol R from Loveland (the BEL Store)
50Raymond W from Franktown (The Plot)
50Gene H from Thornton (The Plot)
50Sang K from Broomfield (The Plot)
125William W from Lakewood (The Plot, etc.)
50Louis G from Northglenn (The Plot)
50Richard C from Denver (The Plot)
50Dwaine C from Denver (The Plot)
50Robert F from Denver (The Plot)
350John N from Denver (Bible Study Albums)
300John M from Ft Collins (4 BEL TV Classics & ThePlot x2)
500Jonathan & Christina M from Castle Rock (Donation doubled)!
500Fred W from Broomfield (Donation via Paypal)


500Robert S from W Hartford (16 BEL TV Classics)


500Dave & Cecilia Z from Ormond Beach (16 BEL TV Classics)
350Brian S from Oak Hill (8 BEL TV Classics)


250Joe D from Dalles (4 BEL TV Classics)


500Bob M from Kahului, Maui (16 BEL TV Classics x2)


250Thomas M from McHenry (Donation)
60David N from Belvidere (The Plot, etc.)


100Leonardo & Janet A from Plymouth (Donation)
350Todd C from Winona Lake (Gift+4 BEL TV Classics)
50Paul & Chris M, Granger (Donation)
100Mike & Susan A from Greentown (Donation)
25Sara S from Frankfort (Donation)
135Mitch & DeAnna G from Indianapolis (Donation)
1,000Duane & Melodee H from Martinsville (prepaid 16 Classics x2!)
500Dave & Monika G from Coldwater (16 BEL TV Classics)
100Doug B from Hopkinsville (Donation x2)
250Andrew B from Folsom (Donation)
200Dee D from Chicopee (Donation x2 by matching funds!)
100Dave S from West Springfield (Donation)
100Karl & Alisa O from St Joseph (Donation x2!)
500Dan & Jean S from St Cloud (150*2 + 8 BEL TV Classics)!
75Joel F from Minneapolis (the BEL Store resources)
50Mark & Katherine B from Branson West (Nicer than God+gift)!
N Mexico 
50John V from Santa Fe (Donation)
N Carolina$650
250Oliver A from Erwin (Topical BEL Video Subscription!)
440Youngsville's Eddie Perruso's Bible class ordered Plots!
350Mark S from Toledo (8 BEL TV Classics)
500Lola B from Sand Springs (Sermons4 TV Classics)
250Tony M from Skitook (4 BEL TV Classics x2)
250Emmett M from Tulsa (4 BEL TV Classics)
100Al S from Philadelphia (Donation)
100Richard & Mary Ann K from Pittsburgh (x2 by matching funds!)
250Peter I from Knoxville (Donation)
100Tom C from Knoxville (Bible Study Albums)
75Christine A from Crossville (the BEL Store resources x2)
500Joseph M from Austin! (16 BEL TV Classics)
100Paul & Dawn M from Woodbridge (Donation)
777Jason & Nancy Ferweda from Graham (Donation x2)
50Gary & CeeCee W from Buffalo (Donation)
122% of
our goal of
Listeners from 26 STATES have given to this telethon to help keep this one Christian talk show on the radio in Colorado!
Thank You ALL for pledging 122% of our goal!
The KGOV staff and the crew of BEL dearly thank you,
and I thank you! -Bob Enyart

With this 2007 broadcast telethon, BEL introduces a new subscription service, the BEL Televised Classics! If you are like thousands of others who wish you could watch the old Bob Enyart Live TV show, NOW YOU CAN! The BEL staff has been dubbing high-quality DVD masters from the old broadcast-format 3/4 inch TV studio tapes (using huge quarter-century old Sony commercial decks). The BEL TV programs are often hilarious, and always extremely educational, reinforcing biblical principles in a format that makes for great entertainment and enjoyable TV watching for the whole family! You can help the telethon (and your family!) by subscribing and the mailman will deliver to your door DVDs of 4, 8, or 16 shows a month for $24.99, $34.99 or $49.99 (only $3.13 per show!), by calling us at the BEL Cabin at 800 8-Enyart (836-9278) or by clicking BEL Televised Classics!

The flagship broadcast of BEL on a 50,000-watt station enables Bob Enyart to arrange cutting-edge newsmaker interviews. You can help keep Bob Enyart on the air by calling us at 800-8Enyart (836-9278) or 303 463-7789, or online by making a one-time donation, or a monthly pledge, or by subscribing to our monthly mailings, including our new BEL Televised Classics on DVD, or our monthly Bible Study Albums, monthly Sermons, or monthly topical Videos! To calculate your gift toward our telethon goal, we will multiply the monthly amount of a pledge or subscription by ten, so for example, a monthly pledge or subscription of $49.99 would equal $500 toward our goal! Thanks so much!