Homosexuality Debate: Bob Enyart vs. Wayne Besen

Date: Jan 8, 2009 Length: 69:05
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2012 Update: See below, from the study at the University of Texas, on the dangers to children from homosexual parenting.

2013 Update: See below, but don't ask and don't tell, now that the Pentagon accepts homosexuals, how much sexual assault has increased in the military.

2014 Update: See below. The CDC reported a "rare" case of female HIV transmission, which rarity reinforces decades of warning from Bob Enyart Live that AIDS was not a mainstream disease but a fringe disease decimating primarily homosexual men. Unlike as with influenza, which typically passes indiscriminately from anyone to anyone, the UN had admitted previously that globally, AIDS is specifically a homosexual epidemic and will never be a threat to the world's general population.

2015 Update: While studies of twins increasingly falsify the allegation that people are "born gay," regardless, to be a liberal, you have to believe that gender is nurture, that homosexuality is nature, and that lesbianism is a lifestyle choice.

And: We Just Want To Be Left Alone: "Yeah, right. In the public square, Christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive. One or the other will be out of the closet", said Bob Enyart. A homosexual replies: "No really, we just want to be left alone. Oh yeah, and you better bake us a cake. Or else. And cookies. And send us flowers. And you better give me a haircut while I'm waiting. And take some photos. Or else. Oh yeah, and did we tell you? You're going to host our wedding! Yup. Even on your church property. And, we want a parade. See below for more. Unfortunately.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen, director of the pro-homosexual Truth Wins Out, denied that any child sexual molestation could even theoretically be of a homosexual nature. Bob Enyart explained that many male child molesters hurt only girls, and many female molesters hurt only boys, and that these people are heterosexual child molesters. Likewise, while there are adult bisexuals, there are also bi-sexual child molesters. And male molesters who only rape boys are homosexual child molesters and females who only molest girls are lesbian molesters. Wayne Besen denied all this. T.W.O.'s director seemed completely uninterested in statistics regarding male on male and female on female child molestation occurring at rates that far exceed the percentage of homosexuals in society, which provide evidence of greater risk to children from homosexual adults.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen, T.W.O. director, denied the greater health risk of homosexual sex. Enyart explained that unlike heterosexual intercourse, rectal intercourse is the best way to spread hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis and other blood-borne diseases. As Christians frequently warn, "Because the rectal wall is so thin (a single cell)... sperm readily penetrate the rectal wall, causing great risk of disease, and tearing or bruising of the anal wall is common during homosexual sex, and then feces and other germs gain almost direct access to the blood stream." Besen denied all this.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen was asked about the difference between women long claiming that lesbianism is a lifestyle choice, and homosexuals claiming that they were born that way. Male homosexual behavior is far more anonymous and promiscuous than either heterosexual or lesbian behavior because of the different sex drives that God put into us when He made us male and female. Women, unless our culture robs them of self-respect, innately hope for a commitment before agreeing to sex, whereas men need only a place. Even though he admitted to Enyart that male homosexuals are more promiscuous than lesbians, contradicting himself Besen denied all this.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen discounted the widespread tolerance and even promotion of pedophilia among leading homosexuals and organizations. For example, Besen said that only the most fringe homosexuals tolerated sex with kids. Bob Enyart asked him if he's ever heard of Harvey Milk, because Damien Martin, the head of New York's homosexual Harvey Milk High School was quoted positively by a leading homosexual publication saying, "No kid has ever been hurt by [oral sex]," Out magazine article by Jesse Green. Bob asked Besen if he had ever heard of Alan Ginsburg, nationally acclaimed homosexual poet who publicly advocated pedophilia, who was annually honored by Boulder, Colorado giving him the key to the city. Enyart asked Besen if he had heard of the popular homosexual magazine, The Advocate, which published Carl Maves asking, "How many gay men, I wonder, would have missed out on a valuable, liberating experience - one that initiated them into their sexuality - if it weren't for so-called molestation?" in an article titled "Getting Over It." (Would Besen remember the "Recruit, Recruit, Recruit" article about kids in The Advocate?) Besen insisted that only the gay fringe tolerated sex with children so Bob asked if he had heard of Alyson Publications of Boston, a leading homosexual publisher. Yes, Besen had heard of the publishers of, among hundreds of titles, the famous kids books, Heather has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate, and Gloria Goes to Gay Pride, but when asked to condemn Alyson for publishing Paedophilia: The Radical Case, with 300 pages of why and how to have sex with even preteen boys, Besen himself refused! So, this leader of the homosexual community has never met a homosexual who tolerated the promotion of sex with children, yet if he looked in the mirror, he will find his true self, in rebellion against Jesus Christ who made us male and female. Besen denied all this. (More on gay tolerance of Pedophilia below.)

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen was asked, "Why do we not allow a male coach in the girls locker room?" The only answer that Besen offered (and especially absurd due to his prominence as a homo advocate), is because men are physically larger than women. Enyart rebutted that society does not allow short slender men in a women's sauna, nor female coaches in the boy's showers. Besen refused to give an actual answer because he said he knew where the reasoning would lead. Bob urged Besen not to fear simple truth, for truth wins out, and Bob then explained, "We do not assume every adult is a child molester. No. We don't allow men in the girl's locker room because there is a sexual attraction between men and women. So we give teenage girls privacy from men in showers and locker rooms." Enyart then explained the parallel with widespread homosexuality in which it violates the privacy of kids to have male coaches who are attracted to men in the boy's locker room. (Of course, Focus on the Family supports equal rights for homosexuals, as documented in our Focus on the History -- of Homosexual Rights. So they have the exact same utterly unresolvable problem here as Besen does.) Enyart said that promotion of homosexuality robs men and women of social environments free from sexual tension. Formerly, a woman could go on a lady's retreat without concern for prying eyes in close quarters, but homosexuality imposes sexual tension where there should be none. Besen denies all this.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen asserted that the men who claim to be formerly homosexual are part of a fraud. Bob quoted a scathing article in the anti-Christian Denver weekly, Westword, written against Bob Enyart, in which they wrote about a BEL listener that Bob had not known, Greenwood Indiana's David Oeschle, who "was openly gay from 1983 to 1995" when he first saw, "Bob Enyart Live... 'Everything Bob says about homosexuals is right,' Oeschle says. 'It's disgusting... exceedingly promiscuous, and many of them tend to move toward... more vile practices because it's not fulfilling anymore.' Oeschle has since renounced his homosexuality." And as Bob recalled, is now a pro-life, married man with homeschooled children! Enyart asked why Besen felt the need to doubt this man's testimony. Besen answered that we should never try to get someone to deny who they are, deep down, to which Bob replied, "Child molesters." We should try to get them, or anyone who has destructive tendencies, to deny their deepest urges. Besen denied all this.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen was asked to comment on Enyart's previous interviews with transsexuals, one who was asked about the Titanic, and the other who had spilled a big gulp. In Denver's KNUS studio, Bob asked a man who had a sex-change operation what he would do if, while on a sinking ship, he heard the cry, "Women and children to the lifeboats!" What should he do? Besen chuckled, and then, like the transsexual, he couldn't answer. Enyart presented this as evidence that deep down both of them realize the guy is not a woman, otherwise, the answer would be automatic. The guy who spilled the Big Gulp on the studio table one minute before airtime was dressed as a woman; he had a sex change operation; and New York re-issued to him a woman's drivers license. When he spilled the pop, he then opened his purse, and proceeded to scope the pop into his purse. Pop in purse. Bob Enyart pointed out that no woman alive would scoop pop into her purse. This guy was a guy. Besen denied all this.

* Queen of Denial: Wayne Besen didn't realize that Dr. James Dobson had changed his position on homosexuality dropping the biblical standard of the behavior as criminal, and instead promoting equal rights for homosexuals (as previously, Dobson did, for pornographers). Bob somewhat agreed with this quote from Besen: "Focus on the Family is going to find that support for their outdated position on gay and lesbian equality is eroding, even among evangelical Christians." Sadly, in agreeing with Besen and advocating equal rights for homosexuals, Focus is willing to discard 3,500 years of Judeo-Christian legal prohibition of homosexual behavior. [Update: In 2014, for the first time ever, through their Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the Southern Baptist denomination has claimed that "we believe laws criminalizing homosexual activity to be unjust and an affront to the image of God..."] Focus on the Family's reversal of their initial scriptural position, and their subsequent promotion of equal rights for homosexuals (as in their "Amendment 2" campaign in 1992; and continuing in 2014), has done more to promote acceptance of the homosexual agenda among evangelicals than have homosexual activists. In the 20 years since Amendment 2, Focus on the Family further liberalized their view of homosexuality to the point where, as reported in Focus on the Strategy, Tom Minnery, vice president of Public Policy for Focus, said that the group would no longer even support the same restraints on the homosexual agenda as it supported in 1992. Besen seemed confused by all this, although we can't say that we blame him.

* Wayne Besen Ends on a Hopeful Note: The Queen of Denial answered Bob Enyart's last question with a yes, saying that if he became convinced that the Creator God warned men that homosexuality was destructive, that he would be willing to repent. That degree of humility indicates hope.

Terry's Call: A homosexual until...Today's Resource: Watch Terry's Call on DVD as Bob quickly unravels Terry's red herring claim, that homosexuals are living godly lives. In a series of heart touching phone calls, Terry is led to the Lord and repentance, shortly before his death from AIDS. (And when you get the DVD, you'll be able to understand the symbolism of the graphic elements in the artwork on the label!)

* More on Gay Tolerance of Pedophilia: (continued from above) Wayne Besen admitted that for years the homosexual community welcomed the militant pedophiles at the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) to march in their "gay pride" parades in New York and San Francisco. Enyart explained that homosexuals only severed this vile promotion of NAMBLA in the 1990s after Christian organizations exposed the parades via new media like right wing talk shows. (Perhaps Besen has heard of long-time homosexual activist David Thorstad, founding member of the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights and former president of the New York Gay Activists Alliance who according to The Journal of Homosexuality protested the decision by the March on Washington organizers to exclude pedophiles like NAMBLA.) Bob explained to Besen that Christian outrage moved the Clinton administration to remove NAMBLA from the homosexual association which gave them consulting status at the United Nations, and while Besen continued insisting this was a fringe effort, Enyart added that the University of Massachusetts at Amherst voted to revise its non-discrimination policy to protect "persons whose sexual orientation includes minor children as the sex object." And Besen even referenced the American Psychological Association as a source of human goodness but of course they attempted to advance pedophilia in their journal, The Psychological Bulletinunder the title "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse." (BTW, Time Magazine, ever tolerant of perversion, in For the Love of Kids printed a puff piece on the editor of NAMBLA's journal, with the ACLU's defense, "if it's NAMBLA today, who is it tomorrow?"  According to Time, this New York City teacher, Peter Melzer published an article In Praise of the Penises, on "how to make that special boy feel good."  As to a police report on Melzer's alleged sex with a Filipino boy, Time assured us, there is no hard evidence that he abused this "or any other boy in the U.S.") Responding to Besen denial, Enyart quoted from page 144 of another Alyson publication, The Age Taboo: "Boy-lovers and the lesbians who have young lovers... are not child molesters.  The child abusers are... [the] parents." (And BTW further, Besen has probably also heard of homosexual activist Andy Humm (NYC News, Gay USA, GCN) who brags of his influence over the New York City Council and wrote in the New York Native that, "No one should be denied basic civil rights because of his or her orientation, whether the person be homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual, transvestite, pedophile, sadist..." And Enyart explained to Besen what Out magazine unintentionally admitted in an article titled, The Men From the Boys, when they quoted, without judgment, the founder of a home for runaway youth who claimed that between 14 and 16 years of age, he "probably had sex with well over a thousand people, most of them much older than myself." This man's testimony is not unique, and if he was not lying, that means that this young boy, loose among homosexuals, was molested by hundreds of gay men who just happened to come upon him. Countless boys have been initiated into homosexuality through molestation. Besen denies all this.

Post-show Notes

* Having Homosexual Parents Dangerous for Kids (of course): Mark Regnerus, of the University of Texas at Austin, after studying 3,000 American adults 18 to 39 published in a peer-reviewed social science journal his finding that those raised by homosexual parents had poorer mental and physical health, lower income levels, and more troubled personal relationships than those raised by intact heterosexual families. "This data overturns conventional wisdom," said Regnerus. Bob invites you to hear more in this Real Science Radio program.

* Increase in Male-on-Male Sex Assault in Military: From the green berets in negligees file, a Pentagon study documents an epidemic increase in homosexual male sexual assault (of course).

* AIDS is a Homosexual Disease: After broadcasting the same argument on the air since 1991, Bob Enyart Live has been vindicated for teaching that there would be no heterosexual HIV epidemic. Now, according to the UN's World Health Organization and as reported by the pro-homosexual media outlet, The Independent, there in no threat of a world AIDS pandemic among heterosexuals, and the 25-year health campaign in the U.S., Europe, and in most of the world, was misdirected: "the head of the WHO's department of HIV/Aids said there will be no generalised epidemic of AIDS in the heterosexual population... 'It is very unlikely there will be a heterosexual epidemic...'" See more at kgov.com/AIDS-is-a-homosexual-disease. Bob never asked Besen the question of whether or not AIDS is a homosexual disease, but we predict that wherever he has been asked that, his answer would show that he was in denial, and thus, that his part of the global misinformation campaign would put homosexuals even further at risk.

* "Rare" Woman-to-Woman HIV Transmission Validates BEL Warning: The media mocked Bob Enyart for a decade regarding his warning that homosexuality was (overtly) a homosexual disease. It is not loving, but cruel, for anyone to give smokers a false hope by asserting that lung cancer is not a smokers disease. Just like secondhand smoke, there are secondhand AIDS victims including intervenous drug users, prostitutes, rape victims, and those infected intentionally, as the six patients of a homosexual Flordia dentist, four of whom died within the first few years. Influence is no respecter of persons, whereas anyone is likely to infect anyone else. For decades the CDC led the global misinformation campaign pretending that AIDS was an equal threat to heterosexuals. But the CDC's 2014 admission of a "rare" female transmission of HIV again vindicates Bob Enyart's specific warning to homosexuals. 

* We Just Want To Be Left Alone: "Yeah, right. In the public square, Christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive. One or the other will be out of the closet", said Bob Enyart. A homosexual replies: "No really, we just want to be left alone. Oh yeah, and you better bake us a cake. Or else. And cookies. And send us flowers. And you better give me a haircut while I'm waiting. And take some photos. Or else. And forget your student clubs. Oh yeah, and did we tell you? You're going to print us some t-shirts and then host our wedding! Yup. Even on your church property. And we want a parade, and you're going to provide security too. Ha! Etc., etc., etc. Even the liberal National Review has figured out this part:

The owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado was threatened with a year in jail for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. New Mexico photographer Elaine Huguenin was similarly threatened for declining to photograph a same-sex wedding. It is worth noting that neither the baker nor the photographer categorically refuses services to homosexuals... The business owners specifically objected to participating in a civic/religious ceremony that violated their own consciences. And the so-called liberals answer: “To hell with your consciences.” In T. H. White’s The Once and Future King, the nature of totalitarianism is captured in the motto “Everything not forbidden is compulsory.” Gay marriage has made the sprint from forbidden to compulsory in record time; the day before yesterday, a homosexual marriage was a legal impossibility — and today it is a crime to sit one out.

* Earle Fox's Library on Homosexuality: lists this BEL interview with Wayne Besen and the brilliant Anglican priest Fox then subsequently conducted his own interview with Besen at La Habra, California's Emmaeus Ministries. Having been ordained at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Fox went on to earn a doctorate of philosophy at Oxford and since then has ministered in Burbank, California, in Connecticut, and eventually back in California. Dr. Fox says, "There is not a single significant issue regarding our spiritual warfare concerning which Christians should be on the defensive.  Contrary to popular belief, the evidence is overwhelmingly on the side of Judeo-Christianity. The tragedy has been that [since] the 1700's... very few Christians know how to muster evidence and pursue a reasonable defense of the Faith."

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