Caller Took BEL Advice in 1994 for Her Lesbian Friend

From the KGOV Vaults: Re-broadcast 23 years later, Bob Enyart airs the first program he ever hosted on one of BEL's radio affiliates. The topics on this March 21, 1994 program include:
- Gov. Roy Romer's Year of the Safe Neighborhood
- Caller Anita who took Bob's advice to be tough on her lesbian friend (see also
- Bob advertising one of his God's Criminal Justice System seminars (and one that as it turned out would forever change Bob's life)
- An early BEL science segment from before the birth of Real Science Radio
- A comment on this 1994 show perfectly suited for today's (2017's) National Equal Pay Day. Thank you to a listener from Jetmore, Kansas for bringing this to our attention!

For BEL Fans: Here are some additional things to notice on this classic old broadcast. Lyrics in the opening music "No room in the middle" also say, there's no room on the fence. And you can hear Bob's early shtick of rustling the newspaper and tapping the papers on his desk. Also, there are three Romers on today's program, a governor, a police sergeant and a philandering roomer. This northern Colorado broadcast aired Monday to Fridays from 5 to 6 p.m. while the Denver-only BEL television show aired weeknights out of Englewood, Colorado from 10 to 11 p.m. and Bob announced that there was an agreement to begin the TV simulcast of BEL on channel 51 in Colorado Springs. Bob asked folks to apologize to their neighbors if they had ever voted for a Democrat. And the first caller was Bob McDonald who had recently run for the Colorado state house from Boulder and railed on all the state legislators for voting for a new tough ethics bill that exempts themselves! That then reminded Bob of the U.S. Congress passing civil rights legislation banning discrimination but exempting themselves! And he discussed how very important it was to discriminate on the basis of sex, especially when it comes to always trying to give the high paying jobs to men!

Animals eat dumb people. 2019 poacher exampleAnd then there was the bumper sticker that said, Animals are kind to dumb people, which Bob corrected to: Animals Eat Dumb People. Bob also slammed the federal government for claiming that it didn't need a search warrant to go into the homes of poor people who lived in the "projects" because the federal government was effectively the "landlord". The 2017 Bob interrupted 1994 Bob to let the audience know that he met his wife Cheryl at the Criminal Justice seminar that Bob was advertising! And during Anita's call which begins at 17:15 into this classic program, Bob said of her friend who also had a boyfriend that these are "backsliding lesbians; they can't even be lesbians right" and that a woman who never even had seen the Bible, one who was even raised by wolves, would know that it would be perverse for her to have sex with another woman. See also Then in the science segment, Bob basically gave his own version of Fermi's Paradox, intuiting that if life really did evolve throughout the universe, then it should be simple to monitor radio waves from alien civilizations. Then, because the internet was not well developed in 1994, with Google not launching until late 1998, Bob had to quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica to prove to a caller that radio waves traveled at the speed of light. Then for the scientists who guessed that human brains became large by accident, Bob asked if we might be able to find evidence that he went to public school? He discussed the CU campus being the best place to find evidence for evolution and that when you teach kids that they are animals and nothing more that you should be surprised when they act like animals. And his take on the Amos & Andy segment that he heard the previous day rebroadcast on Denver radio was stunning in what it said about the ignorance of our church leaders already in 1994. And then of course, if we were to impeach Bill Clinton, we'd get Algore, and both he and Hillary were far worse than Bill Clinton. So the number one thing that we need to do to save the country is not fix the family but fix the law, including by recriminalizing adultery and all extramarital sexual behavior.

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