Brannon Howse on David Barton & Glenn Beck

Date: Aug 31, 2011 Length: 27:40
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* Weekly Worldview Host on Bob Enyart Live: Bob and Brannon Howse discuss David Barton's failure to distinguish between Christian and cultic, as when the popular author describes Mormon Glenn Beck as a Christian. Formerly, Barton led people to believe that Thomas Jefferson was a Chrsitian. Bob and Brannon briefly touch on a few of the Mormon heresies, including:

- Elevating the writings of men to the status of the Holy Bible
- The Book of Mormon's fundamental historical claim, which is
demonstrably false by history, archaeology, and
now irrefragably falsified by genetic science, that American Indians are Jews
- Denigrating the Trinity by not openly rejecting the traditional LDS
teaching that God the Father was once a man (see 
Time Mag & SFGate).

* Ann Coulter Too Wrongly Claims that Mormon Romney is Christian: In this great Ann Coulter Hang-ups YouTube video, Ann Coulter makes the same error that David Barton makes, and claims that unrepentant Mormon Mitt Romney is a Christian.

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