The Zastrow Effect: How God Uses this Awesome Family

Cal Zastrow in the BEL studio* You a Science Teacher? If you are known within our BEL/RSR/DBC circle of aquaintances and if you live in Colorado's Front Range and can teach high school science and are looking for a job, please email your resume and the town you live in to Thanks!

With Cal Zastrow in studio during his group's swing through Colorado, for child saving, some corruption exposing, and street evangelism, Bob Enyart interviews one of his heroes. (But don't tell that to Cal. There's a good chance he won't read this written description of the program. :) From the beginning of their relationship Cal and Trish Zastrow have BandCWedding.jpgserved the Lord together and for decades now their amazing kids have joined in! Bob and Cal discuss the rescue years (which are still ongoing for some and, as Cal hopes, for many more), the Zastrow's frequent presence ministering in western China, and their work with groups like Rusty Thomas' Operation Resuce National/OSA and Matt Trewhella's Missionaries to the Preborn. (And a note to our friends: Today is Bob & Cheryl's 25th wedding anniversary! So, thank you to everyone who has been a part of our wonderful time together, and we thank God for His great riches poured out on us, especially in our children and grandchildren.)

* To Print Bibles in China: Please see! (Bob: I asked Cal again off air how people could donate to his effort to distribute Bibles in China and he refused the offer to help raise funds for his own effort and instead recommended that people fund a different ministry, Asia Harvest, because of how cost effectively they can print Bibles within China and get them distributed there!)