Let's go to the movies to see Unplanned!

Bob Enyart snaps a photo as he was leaving the theater after seeing Unplanned...
post Unplanned

* Unplanned Film this Weekend! (Update: See Bob's photo, right, leaving the theater Thursday evening after Unplanned.) The MPAA motion picture association is trying to torpedo the anti-abortion film Unplanned by giving it an R rating. (Showing a kidney being removed wouldn't earn a film such a family-audience-killing rating. They know it's a baby! Btw, they also gave an R rating to our friend Dr. Patrick Johnston's film The Reliant starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts, and the Benham Brothers.) Unplanned tells the incredible story of Abby Johnson's escape from the abortion industry.


Also, hear our interview with the actor who played the abortionist in Unplanned here!

* Don't Regulate Evil: We're so thankful to Abby and to God for her repentance, but we do warn people about her joining the child-killing regulators, an immoral and ineffective political strategy that has backfired for 45 years now. PLEASE see AmericanRTL.org/regs.

Stadig in the hospital

* 85-Year-Old Beat Up at SanFran Mill: One of San Francisco's beautiful people beat up an elderly 85-year old anti-abortionist outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. This follows the pro-aborts who sucker-punched a teenage girl and another who also proved to be a serial rapist who severely assaulted 69-year-old Lincoln look-alike abolitionist Everitt Stadig (see kgov.com/stadig).

CNN Meme of Dems like kid ridding a bike putting a stick in his own spokes and then blaming the Russians!  * Creepy Porn Lawyer Mark Geragos and that other guy, Matthew Avenatti: Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatii has been arrested for crimes including attempted extortion of Nike. His accomplice is the unindicted [Hold the presses! Yesterday, Geragos was an unnamed, uncharged, co-conspirator. Now, he's indicted!] co-conspirator Mark Geragos. If defense attorney Geragos represents you, then obviously you're guilty because that's the only kind of clients he gets including murderer  Scott Peterson, rapist Michael Jackson, and racist Colin Kaepernick and now Jussie Smollet, against whom, by the way, prosectuors today dropped all charges, the felony false-reporting charges. That's enraged even Chicago's liberal mayor and police chief. But Smollet also faked a biological terrorist attack, through the U.S. mails no less, sending white powder, which is an anthrax hoax creating a fake hazmat scare which elevates that federal crime to the severe level of a terrorist-threat hoax event.

* RSR Updates: Bob mentions three quick RSR updates. A new show theme, uranium! Watch for that! And he recommends listening twice to the opener of our latest series which began at rsr.org/hpt-heat. And the folks at creation.com just hired molecular biologist Matthew Cserhati who Bob had bet a few years ago regarding "orphan genes". To see who won the bet, check out rsr.org/predictions#orfans.

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