From Congressional Testimony to Acting in Unplanned to BEL

Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Anthony Levatino, the former New York abortionist who gave congressional testimony and more recently, acted the part of the abortionist in the Abby Johnson biopic Unplanned. Bob and Dr. Levatino discuss how he came to realize that he was killing babies, and then they debate:

- the film's portrayal of pro-life protesters
- of the impact of graphic images
- of the thousands of babies saved by the bad protesters
- of our Grim Reaper friend Dick being, like counselor Abby, "the best ever"
- of the Morning After Plan B chemical abortifacient (if it doesn't prevent conception, it masks the baby's cry for food pheromone and makes the womb unhospitable so the baby will not implant but instead will be killed)
- Roe v Wade being a Republican opinion - Roe being upheld for decades by Republican justices
- the Supreme Court being packed with our own pro-choice Republican justices
- Nat'l RTL opposing Reagan's offer to fight for a national human life amendment
- NRTL, etc., opposing state-by-state human life amendment efforts
- and more.