Sal Cordova and the End of Evolution Part 2

This week Fred and Doug welcome scientist and creation researcher Sal Cordova, a bio-molecular physics researcher. He has published with the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Springer/Nature, Oxford University Press, and Creation Research Society Quarterly. His Christian testimony, life story, and advocacy of Intelligent Design (ID) appeared in the journal Nature. He was featured on national TV, radio, magazines and in the 2008 motion picture "Expelled". He presently holds five degrees: an MS in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins, a BS in Computer Science, BS Electrical Engineering with a minor in Music, BS in Mathematics with a minor in Physics, an unaccredited MS equivalent in Biology. Sal is presently preparing to enter a doctoral program in Engineering, and graduated Dulles Aviation flight school.  He was a senior engineer and scientist in the aerospace and defense industry at MITRE (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research and Engineering) and Army Night Vision Labs. He worked for Cornell genetic engineer John C. Sanford in areas of population genetics and protein biology.
Engineering Biology: 1/3 of engineers are graduating into careers in biology because the skill set fits the necessary analysis of God's amazing engineering.
Evolution Fairy Tale: See the website that helped Sal Cordova realize that the story of evolution was never even fit for children's story time.
Trading Genesis: Sal laments the state of Cristian Academia regarding creation and real science.
Survival of the Sickest? Find out how some of the greatest minds in medicine are left explaining that humanity needs disease.
Encode Ends Evolution: Hear Sal's insights on the ongoing destruction of evolutionary theory being wrought by the ENCODE project.
The Eye of the Beholder: Sal and Fred connect information science, engineering and genetic dots describing, (for example) the incredible design of the human eye.
Redefining Fitness: Hear how the publications of leading evolutionary biologists prove their uselessness to anything save further documenting the absurdity of their field.
Alu, Transcriptones, and the End of the Argument: While evolutionary biologists tend to view genetic hardware and data as junk, engineers see it for what it is - memory storage units and computer code!