Sal Cordova and the End of Evolution Part I

This week Fred and Doug welcome scientist and creation researcher Sal Cordova, a bio-molecular physics researcher. He has published with the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Springer/Nature, Oxford University Press, and Creation Research Society Quarterly. His Christian testimony, life story, and advocacy of Intelligent Design (ID) appeared in the journal Nature. He was featured on national TV, radio, magazines and in the 2008 motion picture "Expelled". He presently holds five degrees: an MS in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins, a BS in Computer Science, BS Electrical Engineering with a minor in Music, BS in Mathematics with a minor in Physics, an unaccredited MS equivalent in Biology. Sal is presently preparing to enter a doctoral program in Engineering, and graduated Dulles Aviation flight school.  He was a senior engineer and scientist in the aerospace and defense industry at MITRE (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research and Engineering) and Army Night Vision Labs. He worked for Cornell genetic engineer John C. Sanford in areas of population genetics and protein biology.


Debatable Evolutionary Biology: Watch Sal Debate the lowest order of all "scientists", (and we're sure he's a fine and decent man, Dan, the  evolutionary biologist)!


Keeping Up with the Joneses: Hear the breaking news regarding the implosion of evolutionary theory because of gene loss, (from the world of population genetics)!


Pick Up a Fellow Worker's Book: Be sure to pick up a copy of John Sanford's ground breaking book "Genetic Entropy!."


High End Reading List: Pick up a copy, (or two!) of the $1,000.00 book for which William Basener, Salvador Cordova, Ola Hössjer, and John Sanford contributed the chapter: Dynamical Systems and Fitness Maximization in Evolutionary Biology!