Scientist from "Is Genesis History?" film on RSR

Is Genesis History? discs* Genesis Is History: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews geneticist Dr. Rob Carter about his role in the Fathom Event movie, "Is Genesis History?" that just screened in theaters nationwide. The DVD & Blu-ray begins shipping April 11th, God willing! Bob and some brand new friends, RSR listeners, were among the audiences that gathered in nearly 700 theaters to enjoy "Genesis". On today's program, Rob Carter unravels the DNA molecule revealing the necessary top-down design of genetic information showing why a genome could not have originated one small undirected step at a time, but had to be planned from the outset.

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* About Dr. Carter: With Creation Ministries International (, Rob Carter spent several years teaching high school biology, chemistry, physics and electronics before venturing off to the University of Miami, where he earned a Ph.D. in marine biology. He is one of the 15 Ph.D. scientists in Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels and one of the scholars in The Voyage that Shook the World, a docudrama that traces Darwin's journey from England, to South America and the Galapagos islands. And don't forget the magazine! Dr. Carter is also a contributor to what is RSR's most-oft recommended creation periodical, Creation magazine available at!  

Dr. Rob Carter photo
Rob Carter Ph.D.

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