Rebuking a Racist: The guys have a bit of audio

* Bad Mother: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney roll tape of an incident in which Doug and then Bob rebuke a mother in a parking lot for blaring vulgar music with her innocent twelve year old kid in the car, and for racism. Within two minutes, mom admits, that music she was playing for her children "is very filthy."

* Psychoanalyzing Mom: By the way, why did mom immediately walk away when Bob said, "I'm not going to support you"? Because she realized that she couldn't guilt Bob into giving her five bucks. When she said, "You don't like black people. I'm a Christian. I'm a child of God. ... If you're going to help me and love me and support me..." Bob interjected, "I'm not going to support you." And she immediately walked away realizing that she couldn't play Bob.

* Comedian George Carlin: For the creator of the Seven Dirty Words routine, see

* Epstein’s Wake: The Jeffrey Epstein child molestation case grows bigger every day and is devouring some of the worst people in the world, many of the famous liberals who support pedophiles.

* Bathroom Advocate Arrested: England's creepy advocate for gender neutral bathrooms has been charged with nine counts of child sex abuse.

* The World is Listening: In Poland Christians are organizing calls for “LGBTQ Free Zones”, (formerly known as “Homo Free Zones” on Bob Enyart Live) meaning they want to have places in which homo propaganda will not be allowed!