Major DNA Mummy Study: Out-of-Africa or Out-of-Babel?

What would your prediction be? Real Science Radio has long published creation science predictions (at and with a new study in the journal Nature Communications, we have yet another ( confirmed prediction, this one showing that the genome of ancient Egyptians (from about the time of Joshua until 2400 years ago) was more Middle Eastern (think Babel/Mesopotamia, Ararat/Anatolia, Canaanite) or Out-of-Babel, than it was sub-Saharan African (think Out-of-Africa), with a much later infusion of sub-Saharan DNA into Egypt than presumed by the materialist story on human history.

October Update Evolution Story Must Be Rewritten: Two allegedly 9.7 million years old ape teeth are found in northern Europe instead of Africa, and according to headlines everywhere, the whole history of mankind may have to be rewritten. These two teeth demonstrate how tenuous is the secular world's major arcs of claimed origins knowledge. But this discovery would have been ho-hum to the scientists, there are many, who listen to RSR and heard today's Out-of-Babel program. One observation, which is consistent with the Nature mummy DNA paper and evolutionary manipulation generally. These news stories don't even use the phrase "Out-of-Africa". Why not? Out of homage to the researchers forebears. Like gill slits and whale pelvic bones, even though such things have been long disproven, like Out of Africa, they are just too big to fail!

November Update Evolution Story Must Be Rewritten: Ha! Does this happen ALL the time or what? A very human skull is dated at 325,000 years old! That's way too old for the canonical story and so adds to the problem for Darwinists known as Evolution's Big Squeeze.

Bob Enyart and Fred Williams also discussed a salty Canadian lake discovered two miles below the surface and the latest re-confirmation of extant dinosaur biological tissue (see and get our Jurassic DVD at

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DNA discovery from mummies reveals genetic history of the ancient Egyptians!
Question: Will this new find support the atheistic out-of-africa view of man’s origins, or the out-of-babel view?

Before we get to that, whether this genetic data, and remember, DNA doesn’t lie, whether it supports the out-of-africa theory or the out-of-babel history, let’s first summarize what these scientists from the prestigious Max Planck Institute did.

Egyptian Mummy DNA: Journal of Nature Communication reports on 150 mummies dated from 3400 to 2400 years ago as researchers study their bone, soft tissue, and teeth. THIS IS LIKE DINO BIOMOLECULE RECOVERY! Here at RSR, we’ve been calling for this kind of research for the past decade! Why? To show that dinosaur decomposition and Egyptian mummy decomposition puts them in the same historical ballpark, within a few thousand years. (By the way, in the 1950s, Boyd and Boyd identified the blood type of some Egyptian mummies.) The oldest of the mummies reported on by Nature Communications are 34 hundred years; and dinosaur flood fossils are only about 54 hundred years old! So, not even twice as old as the oldest in this study!

So, let’s look at excerpts from this report on the discovery, in a CNN article from this past week!

Max Planck Institute:

"We can now show whether DNA is ancient or [modern contamination] by its chemical properties." !

Publishing its findings in Nature Communications, the study concluded that these ancient Egyptians, who lived in Middle Egypt [starting just south of Memphis], were closest genetic relatives of… populations from the [Middle/Near] East!, Anatolia [Turkey!] and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans [Again, Turks, ancient Armenians probably].

Modern Egyptians, by comparison, share much more DNA with sub-Saharan populations.

[Wow! So, over time, the genetic mixing went in the opposite direction as predicted by the materialist out-of-Africa theory. Instead of ancient man coming out of Africa, and so the Egyptian genome starts heaving African, and is then influenced by the Babel/Ararat/Canaanite/Mesopotamia genomes, the pattern is reverse. The ancient Egyptians shared their genetics out of Babel, as the Book of Genesis records for us, and then over the thousands of years, their collective genome is gradually influenced by the genetic distinctions that became widespread in subsaharan Africa! ha!

The findings have turned years of theory on its head, causing Egyptologists to re-evaluate the region's history while unlocking new tools for scientists working in the field.

Let’s continue with these excerpts from the report:

“Analyzing samples spanning over a millennium, researchers looked for genetic differences compared with Egyptians today. They found that the sample set showed a strong connection with a cluster of ancient non-African populations based east of the Mediterranean Sea." [So, not Out-of-Africa but Out-of-Babel. :) And Ararat, and the Mesopotamia. We’re talking Genesis here! And just more evidence for the Exodus!]

"[Prof. Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute] describes the far-reaching data set gained from looking at mitochondrial genomes: 'This is not just the DNA of one person. It's the DNA of the parents, grandparents, grandparents' parents, grand-grand-grandparents' parents and so forth.'"

"They found that the sample set [Their DNA] showed a strong connection with a cluster of ancient non-African populations based east of the Mediterranean Sea."

Babel. Genesis 10: Table of Nations! And Gen. 11: Tower of Babel dispersion from the Middle East; from Mesopotamia!

A few years ago, here’s what we wrote on our Dinosaur Soft Tissue page, at

* Cross-Discipline Egyptologist/Paleontologist Work Needed: Real Science Radio is calling for comparative studies of dinosaur soft tissue with historically dated Egyptian mummies. Just as the advances in genetic science enabled forensic scientists to help police detectives solve many cold cases, so too, RSR now urges the paleontological community to incorporate the molecular analysis of Egyptian mummies into their own research. "For example," wrote G. Elliot Smith in In 1930 in the introduction to The Papyrus Ebers, "in a Predynastic cemetery in Upper Egypt I discovered in the stomachs of small children who had died nearly sixty centuries ago the remains of mice which had been skinned and eaten just before their death. (An account of the finding of this interesting material is given in my book, The Ancient Egyptians.)" And in that second reference, Smith, a knighted member of the Royal Society, wrote of extant Egyptian remains of "not the mere bones only, but also the skin and hair, the muscles and organs of the body; and even such delicate tissues as the nerves and brain, and most marvellous of all, the lens of the eye, are available for examination to-day." Further, as hadrosaur and T. rex DNA has been identified (but not [yet?] sequenced), so too, researchers have been recovering the DNA of Pharaohs [a 2010 study of King Tut’s father]. A cross-discipline research project would likely prove similar states of preservation of original biological material in Egyptian mummies as that in dinosaur remains.

* And for Creation Magazine Headlines News -- Part 2: (from

* Water is the Enemy of Abiogenesis: Beware the ubiquitous bait-and-switch. Wherever water is found, NASA claims that would be a good place to search for evidence that life may have originated there. Yes, water is needed to maintain life, But as the universal solvent, outside of the controlled environment of a living organism, water relentlessly dissolves the chemical building blocks of life like amino acids and polymers. Thus NASA, the BBC, ESA, Nova, and entertainers like Bill Nye, ubiquitously use this bait-and-switch by manipulating their audiences, exploiting both their gullibility and water's known role in sustaining life to pretend that it is an unquestioned asset for abiogenesis, to form life from the very inanimate chemicals that it would disassemble. Water helps maintain life but it ruthlessly undoes "prebiotic" molecules.