Hillary's gone to the dogs

Graphic showing tear-drop fetus and a molecule of acid with text: Many atheists say the acid is life, but the baby is not.* This "Show Summary" is Not Related: to this July 17, 2000 show. This space is used as a scratch pad for creating other BEL show summaries...

* Clinton on CBS, Lights, Camera, Lie and More Lights: This classic BEL TV show clip about Bill Clinton on CBS "denying" that he had an affair (just as a studio light explodes over Bill and Hillary) raises certain questions: Was the liberal caller right to criticize Bob for playing the clip over and over (and over), including after a liberal caller complained that he played the clip too many times? Was Al Gore in the room? Was Bob right to throw the eagle on the globe off the set after a liberal caller wrongly identified it as a fascist, NAZI symbol? (Of course she was wrong. Just listen to today's program.)

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