Agog at the Gaps - The Gap Theory Circa 2023

*Glen Gone Wrong: Glen Morton Former Young Earther went over to Old Earth in the 1980's over "seismic data interpretation". Someone needs to look him up, and see if he's seen the latest evidence that all models are wrong, and some are useful.

*HPT Conference Talks: are now up at and ready for you to view! Including the BLOCKBUSTER Report from Kevin Lea: NASA Asteroid Deflection Test (DART) Accidentally Creates A BOULDER SWARM That Could Impact the Earth.
*Geologic "Field Research" at the Dinner Table: Hear how a Dutch Geologist who never saw a plate bigger than a dinner plate used "seismic data interpretation" to construct a giant cartoon resembling an alleged lost tectonic plate as big as America!
*All the Gaps Fall Short: Whether Ruin and Reconstruction, Day Age, or just a plain old billions of years gap to accommodate old earth cosmology and misunderstood Neanderthals, all the Gap Theories opens the scriptures to unscriptural interpretation that undermines confidence in the Word of God.
*Don't Be Trading GenesisCheck out Trading Genesis, Bob Enyart’s biblical response to those who reject a literal interpretation of the Genesis Creation Account, and Bob's comprehensive list of arguments and verses that refute all the gaps!