Doppler Effect & the Int'l Space Station

Fred and Doug Interview Dr. Phil Dennis about the doppler effect, the one way speed of light, and the problems with Lisle's Anisotropic Synchrony Convention
Dr. Dennis's Slides: If you want to follow along with our interview with Dr. Dennis, you might want to check out his previous appearance here, watch on the RSR YouTube Channel, or you'll definitely want to open up his slides!
Aim High: Fred Williams and Doug McBurney welcome back physicist Phil Dennis, who holds a PhD from the University of Missouri in Physics. Dr. Dennis’s work included  providing algorithms for the Hubble Space Telescope, tracking algorithms, and other mathematical algorithms and was recognized by NASA for his work.
Rearranging Reichenbach: Hear how Jason Lisle's Anisotropic Synchrony Convention has the same problem of moving the goalposts ala physicists from the previous century.
Eternalism vs Presentism: Hear why a commitment to eternalism implies that time is an illusion, and/or that time travel is possible, (neither of which we at RSR believe to be the case).
The Need for Speed: Dr. Dennis believes we can indeed measure the one way speed of light, (addressed by Bob and Fred previously on RSR). Dr. Dennis cites  Cal Tech's Femtosecond Camera