D.O.P.E., or BEL's Doctrine of Popularity for Evolutionists

* Special Episode of Real Science Radio: D.O.P.E., or the Doctrine of Popularity for Evolutionists, is also known as BEL's APPtitude Test, i.e., our Atheist Popularity Postulate. As we have observed, and earning a place on our kgov.com/sayings page, "The most popular evolutionist is the one who can say the greatest absurdity with the straightest face." On today's program, our D.O.P.E. test subjects are Hillary Clinton and Richard Dawkins.

For the superfluous reasons for this doctrine see rsr.org/atheism and rsr.org/evolution. And please note, today's show aired not as an RSR program but as a typical Bob Enyart Live (i.e., Monday - Wednesday) show, but later we designated it as RSR because it highlights BEL's D.O.P.E. and APPtitude tests.

And here's the video that we aired Dawkin's audio from...