Abolitionist Conner Haines: From Project Frontlines to Fox News to BEL

* Principle says "those are cells" when actually, he's "cells" too: Bob Enyart interviews the AHA Christian activist Conner Haines who went to Pennsylvania's STEM Academy to share with its high school students the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the urgent need to abolish human abortion. The vulgar, hateful, and angry homosexual principal, Zach Ruff, resigned after losing the support of the school district. A YouTube video captured the out-of-control Ruff telling Conner, "You can go to hell, where they are", he said pointing to the aborted children. Just as irrational atheists hate the God whom they say doesn't exist, "pro-choicers" in countless ways recognize the personhood of the "clump of cells" that they claim is not a child. As guests on Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel, Conner and his sister Lauren were godly ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, explained that the Gospel is unavoidably offensive and that they are abolitionists and not pro-lifers because pro-lifers have been regulating the killing of unborn children for decades.

* Spot the 8 Conversations in this 2-minute Proj Frontlines Denver East High Video

Can you spot the eight conversations going, between students and Denver Abolition Society activists: 2 dads, 3 grandmas, 2 grandpas, one mom, a 21-yr-old and a 16-year old. Of the 800 AHA flyers handed out as of Tuesday (Wed-Fri still to come), a dozen brochures were ripped up and a robotics teacher, Joel, and a couple students were helping to pick up the pieces. Hudson Nyhart had his foot on a box of literature to stop some of the students from stealing them. He was standing next to Leslie Hanks, president of American Right To Life (http://americanrtl.org) and Dominic Enyart, 16, who organized this particular week of Project Frontlines evangelism (who at the very end picked up a Russ Hunter mannerism :). And here's a shout out to PF veterans, abolitionists, and Fox News Channel guests Lauren Haines and her brother, who was interviewed on Denver radio at http://kgov.com/conner-haines, for their extraordinary encouragement and standing for the Lord and the innocent!