Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 6

* This Broadcast Event Continues: Today we air Part Six of the most important series of author interviews ever produced in the 24-year history of Bob Enyart Live. Richard Holland is assistant professor of apologetics and theology with Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Holland authored the new book, God, Time, and the Incarnation to explore the impact of God the Son becoming a man on the philosophical doctrines of divine timelessness and utter immutability.

* Enjoying a Coffee Shop Visit: Rather than conducting a typical author interview and squeezing an overview of a book into a single show segment, instead, Bob and Richard have agreed that they will take their time and review the material as though the two men had half a day free to sit next to a fireplace in a coffee shop to consider one of the most far-reaching observations that any human being can make. Consider the insight into ultimate reality provided by the Incarnation of God the Son! We hope you enjoy this 7-interview series as much as we have enjoyed producing it! So, brace yourself.

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Today's Resource: To order Dr. Holland's book, and receive with it a CD of Bob Enyart's complete interview with Richard, please call 8-080-8Enyart,  that's 800-836-9278. The book with the CD is $33. As always, BEL offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and for repeat customers, if you don't love the book, we'll double that, for a double-your money guarantee! That's how much we love this book and think that you will be blessed if you read it also!

* List of Uncreated Things that are Co-eternal with God: Here at BEL on Feb. 21, 2021 we posted our first draft of this list of things, eternal things, that are not God, but that God did not create:
- Numbers
- Truth
- Thoughts
- Change
- Logic
- Relationship
- Communication
- Fellowship
- Time
- The Present
- The Past
- The Future
- Math
- Probability
- Reality
Because these and other such things flow from Him as a description of His being, therefore, God did not need to create them. For example regarding numbers, the eternality of the Trinity means that God always knew that there is one God in three persons. (Of course to mankind that is a deep mystery.) God didn't need to create those numbers. The Father as a person knew the Son and the Spirit were the other two persons of the Godhead. Likewise for the Spirit and the Son, each of which knew the identity of, and therefore the description of, each person in the Godhead. God didn't have to invent these numbers 1, 2, and 3. Another way of seeing the falsehood of any claim that God had to invent numbers is to realize that without numbers God could not count. The all-knowing God would not have failed at the most basic arithmetic and would not need to create a tool to add one plus one plus one equals three. Such reasoning applies to the other items in this List of Uncreated Things that are Co-Eternal with God.