James Comey and the Deep Deep Shadowy Gov Deep State

WASHINGTON (KGOV) Dec 20, 2019 — BREAKING: U.S. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee floats possible charges against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power for withholding impeachment articles from the Senate. Source: kgov.com/swenekafhcaepmi

Continuing to enjoy the slow news month, Bob Enyart agrees though that he would have to begin covering the Russia/Ukraine blah blah blah if and when criminal charges are leveled against the former heads of the FBI, CIA, or any of their hand-picked agents investigating Trump. In the meantime Bob mentions in passing that the lied-to federal FISA judges are not blasting the FBI over being defrauded because they themselves are part of the deep state Washington swamp shadow government. And speaking of which, who is it anyway who owns the domain ShadowGov.com? Oh yeah, it's us! So Bob recounts the good use that we've made of the Shadow Government over the years!

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