The Beauty of Binding Sites with Dr. Royal Truman Part I

*Royal Truman, PhD: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome Dr. Royal Truman to discuss creation, biology, information science and more! Royal is fluent in five languages and received bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and computer science from SUNY Buffalo, an M.B.A from the University of Michigan, his PhD in organic chemistry from Michigan State, with post-graduate studies in bioinformatics at the universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg in Germany. Royal believes the God of Abraham created the universe recently, and that His Son Jesus Christ is the savior of the world.

*Ties that Bind: What is a binding site? The dictionary definition: “a region on a molecule or cell surface at which the combining of chemical substances takes place,” is elaborated upon by Dr. Truman as to sophistication, logic, instruction, and the precise nature of the information involved in the combining, (proving that the “binding” is far more than a mere “combining of chemical substances”), it’s the actuation of potential via informational code!

*Information & Chemistry: Dr. Truman connects the regulating activities occurring in genes & cells, with how understanding information science is helpful in solving the chemistry problems associated with the study of biological systems. Finding binding sites is important to advancing our knowledge of biological systems, cells and genetics. Hear how information science unlocks the search for binding sites. And then hear about how they work! How 3 nucleotides, codons on (messenger) mRNA interact exactly with their 3 counterparts on (transcription) tRNA  - anticodons, (and so much more).

*Smarts, Schools, & Worldview: Hear Dr. Truman give a couple thoughts on how worldview is influenced by education, and especially higher education.

*Calling Dr. Schneider: Dr. Truman invites Dr. Thomas Schneider to work together with him in areas where they agree, and may be able to help one another, and the world better understand reality and the truth.

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