19 Random Reasons Why I'm NOT a Mormon

Today, Dominic covers 19 random reasons why he is not a Mormon.

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19 Random Reasons List:

  1. Joseph's  many wives and sexual sin 👉 Click here.
  2. Brigham (Liked 'Em) Young 👉Click here.
  3. Failed civil war prophecy 👉 Click here.
  4. No Evidence 👉 Talk to them
  5. DNA Evidence 👉Click here.
  6. Mormons discuss Hill Cumorah 👉Click here.
  7. Jericho's Walls prove the Bible 👉Click here.
  8. Failed David W. Patten prophecy 👉Click here.
  9. The Book of Abraham 👉 Click here.
  10. Pagan worship used for the book of Abraham 👉 Click here.
  11. Early Christians Corroborated about the Resurrection 👉 Click here.
  12. Mormonism contradicts the Bible 👉 Read all of Paul's epistles
  13. Mormons say "trust your heart" 👉 Talk to any Mormon missionary
  14. Awful translations 👉Click here.
  15. Mormons don't use the translation they believe was inspired by God 👉Click here.
  16. I was wrong about how much money the Mormon church has. It's way more 👉Click here.
  17. LDS discredit the Bible 👉Click here.
  18. Astronomical Evidence for the Bible: The Pleiades is Bound 👉 Click here. The belt of Orion is loose 👉 Click here.
  19. Cowdery left the faith 👉 Click here. Christ's followers didn't 👉Click here.