Jericho and the Archaeological Evidence for the Bible's Account

* RSR Interviews the World's Most Popular Authority on Jericho: Based on Google search rankings, archaeologist Bryant Wood is the world's most popular authority on: Jericho excavation. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have a great time celebrating with Dr. Wood the many discoveries of secular archaeologists that confirm important details in Joshua's account of the city and its destruction. Thus the ruins of perhaps the world's greatest, oldest city corroborate one of the most amazing accounts in the Bible. A minor consistency to add to the evidence discussed in the interview is Dame Kathleen Kenyon's finding that, "the collapse of [Jericho's] walls... seems to have taken place before they were affected by fire."

* Also on Real Science Radio: from see... (this program) (aka, (for its Hebrew origins) (and get Patterns!) (some archaeology there)
And check out the 2019 Science Advances paper confirming Amos 9:7 showing genetically that the Philistines came from Crete; BAR's list of 53 people of the Bible confirmed archaeologically; and after Nina Burleigh interviewed Enyart for a Newsweek cover story he got the harsh critic of Christian archaeology to admit the problem of anti-Bible bias.

* Disagreement with Dr. Wood: RSR is encouraged by Dr. Wood's support for the traditional date for the Exodus at approximately 1450 B.C. A few years after this interview though Bob became convinced that the Exodus occured during Egypt's 13th Dynasty and not during the 18th as Dr. Wood maintains. A shift in Egypt's chronology is  presented in Tim Mahoney's successful film Patterns of Evidence as documented in the 2015 book Exodus: Myth or History? written by agnostic Egyptologist David Rohl. This work by Rohl could, ironically, potentially undermine or it could greatly strengthen a believer's confidence in the historical accuracy of the Old Testament. Bob Enyart strongly recommends this scholar's work.

* Regarding Jericho's Pottery: Chapters 14 and 15 of Rohl's fascinating text quotes leading experts arguing that Wood's Jericho "pottery" claim for the 18th Dynasty and a related pottery claim that's been widely offered against the historicity of the Book of Joshua, are both unreliable. (Wood's argument is for a late dynasty, and the widespread related argument is for a late date for the Exodus.)

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