Should We Be Anti-Abortion Vigilantes? (Pt. 3)

* What Factors Show Valid Civilian Use of Force: After the murder of abortionist George Tiller, Bob Enyart discusses questions twelve through eighteen from American RTL's Vigilantism Worksheet. Can you identify the factors that determine when a civilian's use of force is justified or unjustified? Where is the threshold between self defense and vigilantism? And you can enjoy the discussion as Bob talks through the preceding and following questions on the ARTL Vigilante Worksheet!

Does the government have authority to use lethal force in more circumstances than do civilians? One pro-life activist addressing this question had been confused by the libertarian claim that government only has the authority that an individual has. Bob relates his conversation (with this wonderful but confused Christian leader) in which this activist acknowledged that a government does have the right to utilize military force, so then when Bob asked him if an individual has the authority to declare war, this libertarian-minded Christian couldn't offer an answer. Bob pressed the issue by illustrating that while the government has every right to arm itself with military might, it would be absurd to maintain that a neighbor also has the right to house surface to air missiles in his garage, or that the Mosque down the street has the right to build a nuclear weapon. Authority does not flow uphill, from kids to parents, or from people to the government, but authority flows downhill, from God through government to people, and from Him through parents to children (and even the kid can kick the cat off the couch).

Today's ARTL worksheet questions also look at biblical history and at what point did God delegate the authority for human government and the death penalty? Also, aside from self defense from imminent harm, what tradeoffs would occur if God had delegated authority to the individual to overrule the government in matters of life and death?

Today's Resource: Non-Christians: If you write and ask, we will send you for free our Mount Moriah DVD examining the powerful historic and geographic evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Pro-lifers, you can learn more by browsing in the KGOV Store's Department of Government which includes Bob's classic God's Criminal Justice System seminar on CD and you can read Bob's article (Google 1 of 1.7M for: God death penalty) or watch his DVD on God and the Death Penalty: NT Support for Capital Punishment!