Should We Be Anti-Abortion Vigilantes? (Pt. 1)

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Mid Atlantic Ridge forming

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  • Why do we find amino acids on asteroids, and limestone in comets?
  • What produced the world’s massive volume of sedimentary rock?


* Why is Defense of a Child OK but Not Against Tiller: In the aftermath of the murder of abortionist George Tiller, join Bob Enyart to talk about the first four questions from American RTL's Vigilantism Worksheet. Topics include God's granting the government the right to use force, and the right of self-defense to civilians. Can you identify the factors that determine when a civilian's use of force is justified or unjustified? You might want to print out ARTL's vigilante worksheet to follow along as Bob discusses these vital and timely principles. And you can enjoy the discussion as Bob continues to talk through the remaining questions on the ARTL Vigilante Worksheet!

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