Legacies in Opposition

*June is for Weddings, Not Pride: Is it just us? Or is “gay pride” month seeping leaking out of June and staining July? Is August next! We say NO! In August please support Real Science Radio Month, (which might just run into September for good measure)!

*A Legacy of Deceit: Fred and co-host Doug McBurney take a stab at explaining how it is that legacy media personalities with no ratings, no historical literacy, and no intellect) remain on the air, and still get paid by the deepest advertising pockets in America.

*D.I.E: Hear how “Diversity, Inclusion & Equity” - DIE (in education & industry), along with “Equity, Sustainability & Governance” - ESG (in investing) threaten to bring civilization to a very precarious place. (But hopefully not to an END).

*School of Hard Knocks: From kindergarten, to the government elementary, and all the way through the colleges, hear the truth about the education of your children.

*Enyart Against the World: While the legacy flow of wickedness coursed through the minds of American culture and history, Bob Enyart took the advice of William F. Buckley, Jr., standing athwart history shouting STOP!, and building this incredibly valuable resource you’re reading and listening to right now, (we could use your help in keeping up the fight against the well-funded legacy in opposition to God).