Dinos, DNA, & the Personification of Evil

Room For Absurdity Artwork from a fan*From the Brightest Audience: Fred and co-host Doug McBurney entertain letters and artwork from the brightest audience in creation!

*Ichthyosaur Understood: Fred and Doug talk about the latest Dinosaur soft tissue discoveries demonstrating that creationists likely understand the dino soft tissue mystery better than the academic “experts”. 

*Some Organic Molecules: …found in dinosaur fossils might be called “more organic” than others, by some of the secular experts. But with recent discoveries, even the experts admit that some of this stuff cannot be dismissed as something other than dinosaur soft tissue.

 *The DNA Does Not Lie: Fred updates his RSR interview with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson with even more evidence from the genetic record confirming the creationist view of population dispersal out of Asia, not Africa). 

*ICR Takes Down “Natural Selection”: Fred and Doug discuss ICR’s brilliant short video describing the tendency of everyone to talk about “evolution” as if it were a person. And how we should all stop contributing to this misapplication of personality to the supposedly unintelligent process of “natural selection.” 

*Whatever Happened to the Tree: of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Get Bob Enyart’s groundbreaking Bible study on the subject, and hear about that study’s impact on today’s episode of Real Science Radio.

 *The Beast & the Blood: More on the question of “Do Dogs go to Heaven” with a discussion of life in the blood.