Do Dogs go to Heaven? – Part I

Fred & co-host Doug McBurney search out the answer to the age-old question, “Do Dogs go to Heaven?

 *Mission more Impossible: Host Fred Williams begins by making co-host Doug McBurney aware of a recent article on “silent” genetic mutations, and how the secular assumptions about such mutations were not only wrong, (retarding scientific and medical advancements), but they also made the probability of Darwinian evolution even more impossible than before, (if that’s even possible).

 *Dogs in Kind: Fred elaborates of DNA & the variety of Animal Kinds, while Doug makes a few observations about dog breeding and Baraminology, (which you can also learn about from Steve Sanders and Bob Enyart)!

 *Favorite Dogs & Favorite Toys: Find out about Fred and Doug’s favorite dogs, (and their dog’s favorite toys).

*Silly Dog Stories: Yes, just silly dog stories… nothing more.

 *Animals in the Bible: An introduction to the story of creation and animals in the Bible prepares the way for the BIG question… “Do Dogs go to Heaven?”