Molecular Biology & The Breath of Life

*A.I. G.I.G.O.: Guest host Doug McBurney welcomes Data Security Specialist Daniel Hedrick of godisnowhere into the studio to discuss ATP Synthase and the incredible sophistication of God’s design. But before we can get to that he introduces us to the latest in feminized evidence for “conscious” A.I., (“Artificial Intelligence” - or in her case “Airheadimi Imbecilicus”).

 *Coding for Creation: Hear about the “DNA Typewriter” that hath wrought more evidence for the intelligent nature of the DNA code as designed by The Creator.

 *What Goes Up: …namely, the age of the universe since as far back as anyone can recall. But proponents of the big Bang Theory may have stretched credulity to the limit! And the Webb Telescope may cause the first revision downward in the secular assertion of the 13.8bn year-old age of the universe.

 *That Just About Wraps It Up: For the Big Bang

 *RSR’s List of Real Things, (That Are Real): Beginning with “Male and Female” RSR has designated “sex” as the first real thing to be listed on the RSR “List of Real Things”. These are real things that require no further debate regarding their fundamental definition. Do you have a nomination to add to RSR’s many valuable lists? (FYI - the sum of 2+2 has already been nominated). Send your “real thing” to