Terminal Lucidity Pt 2 - Pet Rocks, and the Atheist's Chimera

RSR Host Fred Williams and information security expert Daniel Hedrick continue delving into the fascinating phenomenon of Terminal Lucidity and the existence of the soul, where the mind (or soul) is non-physical and separate from the body. Quoted materialist atheist claims that materialism has no pathway to consciousness.  Well known transhumanists claim AI will likely lead to no good even with efforts to create a "Compassionate Artificial Superintelligence" or "Emotional AI". Fred and Daniel dissect the world of artificial intelligence and its "evolving" techno-landscape, including useful and potentially dangerous Chinese state-controlled National Business Daily all completely run by AI news anchors. Will AI entities like Siri or Alexa designed even with a compassion module recognize but also exhibit novel jealousy, tears, or reveal the qualia of a soul?  

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