World's AI Expert Agrees with BEL; Disses the Rest of the Media

* World's Top AI Guy Agrees with BEL: BAi.jpgob Enyart airs 60 Minutes' audio from Kai-Fu Lee, Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. and former v.p. at Apple, Microsoft, and Google, current Chinese AI venture capitalist and author of AI Superpowers, dubbed the “oracle of AI” by CBS. At 3:10 into today's program, here this...

CBS: When will we know that a machine can actually think like a human?
Lee: I would say not within the next 30 years, and possibly never... Because I believe in the sanctity of our soul... things about us that we don't understand... there's a lot of love and compassion that is not explainable in terms of neural networks and computation algorithms.
CBS: We may just be more than our bits?
Lee: We may.

Bob mentioned Einstein's Gulf as at and suggested BEL's List of Things that Are Not Physical at He also shared the latest BEL endorsements including from a border patrol agent and corrected the petition of various Christian leaders to "stop book banning and censorship", two very good and vital functions of government.

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