Mid-week report on Project Frontlines at Denver East High School

Monday through Friday, mornings at 7 a.m. and afternoons at 2:30 p.m., about twenty Christian abolitionists have gone to Denver East High School to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to warn students (and the teachers and adults there) about sin that separates from God including the child-killing of abortion and sexual immorality. Of the dozens of important conversations (see eight talks going on in our 2-minute video at kgov.com/denver-east) in one, I (Bob) had the opportunity to speak with two pairs of lesbians who said that there was nothing wrong with love, and that they loved each other. I asked the one, Is it possible that you hate Jesus Christ more than you love your partner? Is it possible that you are using her to express your hatred against God? The event has been significant. If you can join us, please do, and if not physically, then please pray!

* Spot the 8 Conversations in this 2-minute Proj Frontlines Denver East High Video

Can you spot the eight conversations going, between students and Denver Abolition Society activists: 2 dads, 3 grandmas, 2 grandpas, one mom, a 21-yr-old and a 16-year old. Of the 800 AHA flyers handed out as of Tuesday (Wed-Fri still to come), a dozen brochures were ripped up and a robotics teacher, Joel, and a couple students were helping to pick up the pieces. Hudson Nyhart had his foot on a box of literature to stop some of the students from stealing them. He was standing next to Leslie Hanks, president of American Right To Life (http://americanrtl.org) and Dominic Enyart, 16, who organized this particular week of Project Frontlines evangelism (who at the very end picked up a Russ Hunter mannerism :). And here's a shout out to PF veterans, abolitionists, and Fox News Channel guests Lauren Haines and her brother, who was interviewed on Denver radio at http://kgov.com/conner-haines, for their extraordinary encouragement and standing for the Lord and the innocent!