Rerun: Ray Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSR

Post-Show Update on Gorsuch Tragedy: Bob Enyart has been warning since January about this Neil Gorsuch. In his March 22, 2017 testimony and consistent with Roe v. Wade, Gorsuch claimed, horrifically, that it is legitimate to view the unborn child as a non-person:

* Ray Comfort on BEL about his Atheist Delusion Film: Bob Enyart interviews Ray on his great new film. Here's the trailer:


Hell's Best Kept Secret

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Today's Resource: Here at RSR, we offer Ray Comfort's video, produced with Kirk Cameron, Hell's Best Kept Secret. BTW, one of our dearest friends, pro-life missionary Cal Zastrow smuggled into China boxes of Ray's Way of the Master book! And check out this list of atheists whom we've debated here at Real Science Radio.