Ray Comfort on BEL about "180" The Movie

* No Comfort for the Abortionists: Bob Enyart interviews Ray Comfort about his extraordinary video that documents people changing their minds from being "pro-choice" to pro-life literally in seconds. This is stunning and you can listen to Bob and Ray, and then watch the 180 Movie right here on KGOV...

* Hell's 2nd Best Kept Secret: Ray Comfort explains that it's not possible to murder a horse or a turtle, but murder only applies to human beings because we are made in God's image and likeness. Abortionists and the unrepentant who support them, (along with everyone who has not turned to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness of sin) are headed to eternal separation from God. Ray points out that if someone supports a candidate who's policy supports the killing of "even a single unborn child", he is guilty of murder and has blood on his hands before God. Thanks Ray! And just in time for Mississippi's Personhood Amendment 26 vote on November 8th!

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