The Context of Reality

* Oscar Mishap - Judgment Day Preview:  Find out why the disastrous missteps of Warren Beatty and the Academy are merely a trailer of what Judgment Day will be like for the Godless celebrities of Hollywood.

* Doping the Mind & Body:  Bob asks why doping is now allowed now in high school wrestling tournaments, and his co-host Doug McBurney notes that it’s only allowed when abusive parents are doping up their children on the alter of transgenderism.

* We’re Here to Help: When your hosts became aware of the U.S. Supreme Courts impending consideration of how to deal with sex offenders & social media and protect children, they offered some advice to the esteemed justices.

* Why Do They Hate Us? Tune in to hear about a letter from an Iranian politician to an American politician, and find out how you can better understand Iran, Persia, history, sociology, philosophy and so much more by simply subscribing to Bob’s Bible study!

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* Going to the Movies on Thursday! Bob and friends are going out on Thursday, March 2nd to see Is Genesis History? which includes some of our scientist friends. This encore presentation of last week's Fathom Event will be shown at screens across America, so check here to find a theater near you!

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