Trannies vs Terrorists

* Military Teams Dispatched: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney report the imminent dispatch of highly trained naval specialist to begin scouring the homeland for suspected bombershomophobes.

* Great Britain Transitions: 
to not so great... In the face of an Islamic terror onslaught they introduce their first front line tranny soldier.

* Looking for a Worthy Charity? 
If so, compare the audit of the Clinton Global Initiative (5.7% goes to leftist charities, and more than half goes to “other expenses”) and Colorado Right to Life (0% goes to travel and meals).

* Perhaps a Catastrophic Meteor Impact: 
could distract enough voters for Hillary to recover before the November election.

* Pro Life Industry Condemns Trump: 
To Hell that is! Hear how “Christian” leaders are helping the Donald sleep well at night, while he’s riding a greased pole straight to Hell.