RSR Risks Neck on Whale-of-an-Eel Story

 exploding giraffe*  Darwinists Try Guessing What Made Whales So Big: RSR co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the latest science news and have a whale of a time in the process. The guys talk about:
- the amazing sinking razor clam
- a newly discovered organ in the whale's jaw
- the problem that Darwinists have identifying sensory organs
    (like leg tendons and adipose fins)
- the problem evolving a giraffe's neck
- the similarity in eel and human backbones, and
- everything babies always wanted to know (but didn't know how to ask).

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DVD ever: Programming of Life.

* Babies Continue to Astound Scientists: First there was the Yale research that documented that babies are born with a rudimentary understanding of physics, math, and morality. (RSR talked about that back in 2010: You Go God!) Now, the University of Rochester has discovered the Goldilocks effect whereby in order for babies to be the extraordinary information sponge that they need to be to learn about the world that they are born into, they don't focus on what is too simple or too complex. Why not? Such subjects either won't provide them with enough data to learn much, or they would present too much data for the child to comprehend. Instead, the baby focuses on inputs that are neither too simple nor too complex but on things that are just right for his level of understanding. By doing so the baby rapidly learns what he needs to learn to live in our complex world. You Go God! (Remember too as at that in the original creation a mom would give birth after her baby was six months old, and pain in childbirth only resulted from Eve's sin because now the gestation period was lenthened, that is, multiplied, to nine months.)

* Human and Eel Backbones Converge On An Idea: Bob and Fred talk about what "convergence" really shows, including regarding humans and octopus eyes and eel backbones, and the two recall the RSR interview of a chiropractor about how quickly a species would go extinct if its spinal column was, say, 97% evolved. And by the way, RSR is still looking for all those intermediary fossils between an invertebrate and a vertebrate.

*  Don't Forget to to Check Out... Remember to peruse Real Science Radio's The guys also have plans to present their List of Not So Old Things on its own website soon, titled! So please pray for that project! And in the meantime, our dino soft tissue page presents all of the web's evidence for the existence of dinosaur soft tissue in a single location!

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