Arguments Creationists Should Not Use Part I

*Whitewashing Pasteur: Fred presents some incredible facts about Louis Pasteur from a recent article at, (but they left other more important facts out)!

 *Evidence Over All: Fred Williams and co-host Doug McBurney begin a review of some of Creation Science’s most notable “arguments to avoid” by elucidating a standard by which all scientific arguments, theories and models should be judged.

 *Elijah Said, "Follow the Science": For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, (Rom 1:20). Just look at Elijah, who presented evidence to the children of Israel so they could decide whether Jehovah or Baal was God!

 *Founding Fathers: In evaluating evidence for or against a theory or a model we discover that it's Christianity, and the reason that flows from it that must inform our decisions, (as it informed the fathers of the physical sciences).

 *Regarding Miracles: Any Creation or Flood theory that requires ad-hoc, extra-Biblical miracles should be rejected. (And RSR should know! Our founder the late great Bob Enyart presented a study on every miracle in the Bible).

 *And the Arguments: Listen is as Fred and Doug review and comment upon Creation Science’s most exhaustive lists of arguments we should not use, (with agreement on most, but some we disagree about like rain before the flood, frozen “woolly” mammoths, estimates of the depth of the lunar dust and more).