Artificial Intelligence Part I

*Inquiring Minds: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney examine the topic of Artificial Intelligence, (or is it an Alien Invasion) with RSR’s resident Security & Information Science expert, and founder of GODISNOWHERE, Daniel Hedrick.

*Old School 360: Hear how fast 30 years go by from Military Intelligence, the System 360, IMOM, the HP9000 & 5 ¼ inch floppies to AI chatbots that speak in a less annoying parlance than the average cable news host!

*Ungodly Dominion: Revisit Election night 2020 and the kind of shenanigans that might be made possible in the world of AI LLMs, parameters, tokens, keywords, TDIFs, algorithms, and prompts!

*The Brains Behind the Operation: Find out how the AI platforms being designed and built at the highest echelons of Big Tech compare to the simplest creature's brains, and the human minds and bodies created by the Living God!