Friday's Broadcast

Bob Enyart

Trump, Chance & Divine Intervention

*Half an Inch From Hell: On Saturday, July 13th at 6:11pm in Butler Pennsylvania Donald Trump narrowly escaped death & eternal condemnation. If you love him, tell him he's a sinner in need of salvation. Pray this is a wake up call and that he will believe The Gospel!

*Pray: for the wounded, and the families of the victims, and everyone hurt. Pray for our political leaders, (even the most wicked among them) that the peace of Christ might reign in the hearts of those who believe, and that the specter of death will cause the lost to repent!

*Miraculous? Find out what the Bible says in regard to Trump's survival being miraculous, (regardless of Tim Scott's RNC embarrassment).

*An Inside Job? Fred lays out the odds of a Democrat/Secret Service/Deep State conspiracy being  behind the murder of Corey Comperatore and the attempted assassination of Donald Trump?

*The Power of the Air: Hear a discussion of the role of media and government school indoctrination in creating an environment that fosters the kind of hatred, strife and murder witnessed on July 13th.

*Policies, Procedures & Reality: Your hosts examine security measures, assess incompetence, assert negligence, and confront the sad reality that politically motivated omissions and commissions contributed to the killing at the Butler, PA Trump Rally.

*Spiritual Warfare: Hear a discussion of the unseen spiritual forces at play in the making of an assassin, and in the making of a soldier for Christ.

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