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Welcome to Real Science Radio: with co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talking about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. We're the home of the popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

Once Again: Brought to You by the Number Three

* Made in God's Triune Image: Rebroadcast from a couple years ago, and after some science news items, Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk about God who said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness..." (Gen. 1:26). God exists as three persons in one Trinity. Man also, as it turns out, has a triune nature.

Real Science Radio is brought to you by God,
maker of heaven and earth and other fine products!

* Three in the Bible: Consider the Bible's extraordinary use of this number. Christ was three days in the tomb, which Jonah’s three days foreshadowed, as did Abraham’s three days of thinking that he would sacrifice his son Isaac on that same hill called Golgotha, the Skull, and Mt. Moriah (Gen. 22:14; 2 Chron. 3:1). Israel's three patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The priestly tribe of Levi is from Jacob's third child (Gen. 29:34), as Leviticus is the third book of the Bible. And the day the law was given, the sons of Levi killed “about three thousand men” (Ex. 32:28), whereas the day the Spirit was given, “that day about three thousand souls" were saved (Acts 2:41; and see 2 Cor. 3:6 and The Plot).

The Hebrew Scriptures comprise three sections, the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings (Luke 24:44), and God created three archangels. The most noteworthy women are Eve, Sarah, and Mary. The magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. Three persons (one being the Son) started their public service at thirty years of age: Joseph (Gen. 41:46), a deliverer of his people; David (2 Sam. 5:4) seated on the messianic throne (2 Sam. 7:12-13); and "Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age" (Luke 3:23). God could have led Esther to fast for two days, or four; and He could have kept Jonah in the whale for one day, or a week, but three days and three nights prefigures God’s plan of salvation for Christ’s time in the grave. For Jesus "rose again the third day according to the Scriptures" (1 Cor. 15:4). And thus, the triune Christian God, the mystery of the Trinity, Three Persons in One God, is the only true God. And even theoretically, unlike the unitarian Alah and any of the alleged pagan idols, the God of the Bible is the only one whose testimony we would be able to trust, for His triunity answers both the philosophical problem of the one and the many and it answers Socrates' challenge against theism titled Euthyphro's Dilemma.

* Three in Nature: God has imprinted our world and even ourselves with His triune nature. The number three manifested in Scripture turns the Christian's attention outward to see space existing in three dimensions, height, width, and length, as does time in past, present and future. The electromagnetic force operates in positive, negative, and neutral, and in light, red, green, and blue blend into the hues of the rainbow whereas and in pigment the three primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. We human beings on this third planet from the Sun are made of atoms built of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Further, three generations of elementary particles underlie all matter, which mankind initially experienced only in three states, solid, liquid, and gas. The strongest shape for building is the triangle. Writers often give three examples and artists group in threes as in interior design, sculpting, and even movie directors, as they have the word trilogy (1, 2, 3) but no word for any other number of films. Physicist Richard Feynman in his book QED asked how many fundamental actions are there to account for nearly all phenomena in the universe regarding light and electricity to which he answered: "There are Three!" And in his Nobel prize lecture Feynman listed the three unique ways of "describing quantum mechanics". Photographers use the rule of thirds. Genetic scientists discovered that the language of DNA uses only three-letter words. And so we humans are body, soul, and spirit (1 Thes. 5:23), made in the image of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

RSR: How the Flesh is like Gravity

* The Flesh: Just as gravity affects our physical universe, our flesh affects our spiritual lives. On this special edition of Real Science Radio, we present a previously aired episode of Theology Thursday.

* Trading Genesis: Check out Bob Enyart's theistic evolution presentation in Malibu:

Patterns of Evidence Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on RSR

* Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on RSR: Bob Enyart interviews Timothy Mahoney of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. This successful Fathom Events film from earlier this year is just now out on Blu-ray and DVD and it's available everywhere including at Wal-mart, Amazon, Christian Bookstores, and at Visit the primary archaeological sites with Mahoney. Hear from the world’s leading Egyptologists. And then see for yourself the awesome evidence for the Israelites in Egypt, just as the Bible reports.

* The Birth of Another Great RSR LIST
: Coming in November 2016, RSR's List of Ancient Egypt's Evidence for the Exodus! Just as we credit...
RSR's List of Fresh Fossils and our to Brian Thomas over at the ICR, and
Dr. Carl Werner for his startling exposé of the fraudulent whale transitional fossils that enabled us to produce this latest List of Whale Evolution Problems, so too we're crediting
- Tim Mahoney and Brad Sparks (see Brad's bullet just below) for the research that went into the bullets that will appear below in our written List of Ancient Egypt's Evidence for the Exodus!
So, thank you Brian, Carl, Brad, and Tim, for your amazing work! BTW, we decided to wait for one year to pass from after our Patterns of Evidence interview before we began to include it's evidence in our list! (If you would like to help obtain resources for this project, please check out

* Related -- Brad C. Sparks Research: See Brad C. Sparks presentation at the scholarly 2013 Exodus Conference at the University of California San Diego documenting ancient Egyptian writings which parallel details of the Exodus, and that according to the scholars who translated the hieroglyphics and first published these significant historical records.

* Secular Timeline Criticism: Secular Egyptologists dismiss the significant evidence assembled by Mahoney and others, often citing the impossibility of a viable timeline. Immediately following the Patterns screening, the Fathom Event included a panel discussion in which Dennis Prager stated:

They're saying that, "The Exodus that never took place, because the Jews were never in Egypt, couldn't have taken place earlier." Is that correct? Isn't that a bit odd? They deny it ever took place, so there's no timeline for them. I don't get it. What is their argument on timeline? Now, if you have eight huge pieces of data, of incontrovertible data, like Joseph and his multicolored robe in that specific place at that time, and the Semites of that area escaping as it were overnight, at a certain period, and more and more of that at a certain time in history, you have to willfully deny it. "Well, it couldn't have happened because it had to happen later, therefore it never happened at all", makes no sense. So you sort of pinch yourself. And that brings us to what that archaeologist or scientist said, 'Look, we have our biases, and they have theirs.' Yes, that is exactly right. They have theirs. They don't want an Exodus.

* Archaeologists Confuse Building the City of "Ramses" with a Date: Exodus 1:11 says that the enslaved Jews "built for Pharaoh supply cities, Pithom and Ramses." Secular Egyptologists confuse the naming of this city with the date of the first construction at that location. That such confusion is evident invalidates the outright dismissal of Mahoney's work by claiming that his evidence belongs to a time prior to Ramses II, who built Pi-Ramsees. (Pithom and Ramses may be the storage facilities of Pi-Ramses.) To illustrate their error, consider the Google search for: when was New York City Founded...


* New York City Wasn't New York City Until Much Later: NYC wasn't "named" "New York" until 1664. "York" is a British name and when the Dutch founded the settlement in 1624 in the region they called "New Netherland", they soon constructed "Fort Amsterdam" and named the island "New Amsterdam". Four decades later the King of England granted the land to the "Duke of York" and it became New York. Google's result, consistent with countless other references, is not in error because "New York City" did not exist in 1624. (Istanbul was founded centuries before Christ as Byzantium, yet it's most common name was Constantinople from 330 A.D. until 1922.) It is so common that we often don't even think of it as anachronistic to use the current name for something even when referencing a time before that name came into use. Writing in Genesis, for example, Moses referred to God as YHWH describing events that occurred before he learned God's name in Exodus, and the land of Ramses was mentioned .  

* Secular Archaeologists Should Retract this Ramses Objection: Thus secular archaeologists make an unjustified assumption when they equate the naming of a city (Ramses) with the date of the first building of a city at that location. Regarding the significant excavated evidence from the city of Avaris presented by Mahoney, it is therefore of interest, as reported by Wikipedia, that, "Avaris was absorbed into the new city of Pi-Ramesses constructed by Ramesses II (1279–1213 BC)..." So archaeologists are wrong to dismiss the patterns of evidence for the Exodus on the claim that such evidence belonging to a date prior to Pharaoh Ramses II. Therefore, Real Science Radio calls on Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg and skeptical Egyptologists to retract the general objection to Exodus evidence that it should be dismissed because of a date prior to Pharaoh Ramses II.

* List of Ancient Egypt's Evidence for the Exodus: Again, RSR credits Tim Mahoney and Brad Sparks with collecting much of the evidence we will be providing below. This list is no substitute for their own publications so we highly recommend those of scholarly interest read Sparks and those of either casual or scholarly interest view Patterns of Evidence! Further, we have supplemented materials from Mahoney and Sparks with other generally available information, so please don't assume that just because something is on this list that it comes from their work. We expect to build this list during the month of November, 2016! So if you're interested, please check back soon!

The Hebrews Gave the Word "Pharaoh" to the World: The etymology of the word Pharaoh looks back to the term for the palace of Egypt's king. Chilperic Edwards, one of the first scholars to translate the Code of Hammurabistated regarding the non-Egyptian origin of the title of their monarch: "Pharaoh was the name given by Hebrew writers to the king of Egypt." Most Egyptologists reject the historical basis for the Exodus, discounting any significant role for Abraham's descendants in Egypt. Yet language itself, one of the greatest of world treasures, is perhaps our most important historical monument. Thus, Israel's role in Egypt can be rediscovered by recognizing that the Jews gave to the world the Hebrew word Pharaoh, a word that eventually attained to common usage even by the ancient Egyptians themselves. See more at

The next item is the hardest to understand,
but understanding it enables consideration of the rest. 

- Exodus Didn't Happen in the 13th Century BC: Great! Almost everyone agrees, from secular Egyptologists who reject the Exodus outright, to the vast majority of biblical literalists, these all agree that the Exodus did not happen in the 13th century BC or, for that matter, at anytime in Egypt's New Kingdom period. Tim Mahoney's Patterns of Evidence film highlights the primary argument used by archaeologists, like Norma Franklin and Israel Finkelstein, to dismiss the evidence for the Israelites' presence in ancient Egypt. Summarizing, their main argument is this: "The Exodus never happened, but when it never happened was in the 13th century BC." So, if the Exodus occurred in the earlier 15th century BC, even if it left behind the mountain of evidence documented in Mahoney's film, the "13th century argument" prejudices experts and excludes much hard evidence from consideration.
- 15th century BC Avaris was home to Semite population: Excavating the 15th-century BC Avaris, from beneath the southern sector of the 13th-century city of Ramses, Manfred Bietak has uncovered a large city of Semites. (Bietak believes these people could not have been Israelites because the Exodus did not happen in the 13th-century BC.)
- Avaris became a major city of protected foreigners: Bietak estimates the population of the "huge town" of Avaris as between 25 and 30,000 foreigners, "people who originated from Canaan Syria-Palestine", who thrived in the midst of powerful Egypt, obviously with Pharaoh's support, ranking Avaris as one of the largest cities in the ancient world.
- Twenty Semite settlements in Goshen: Prof. John Bimson of the The UK's Trinity College estimates that more than 20 settlements of Semites, lighter-colored people from north of Egypt including from the land of Canaan, many of which that have been only partially excavated, are in the land of Goshen, the northeastern Nile Delta region of Egypt. The dating of Avaris may show it to be the first established of these second millennium B.C. cities.
- The Hebrews likely gave the word "Goshen" to Egypt: Like the word Pharaoh, another word that appears to have come from the Jews is the word Goshen, which refers to a fertile region of the Nile delta. At least by the time of Egypt's 26th dynasty (664 - 525 B.C.), this area was called Gesem. This word seems to "only [have] meaning through Hebrew, as if it were a word meaningful only to the Hebrews who settled there". The Septuagint translation suggests the meaning "'cultivated'—comparing the Arabic root j-š-m, 'to labor.'" [With the Jews giving to the world the words Pharaoh and Goshen, imagine 
the significance if the Egyptian name Ramses also originated with them.]
- Semites were shepherds: Through thirty years of field work at Avaris, Bietak [unfinished...]
- Please check back later!

John West and Darwin Day in America on RSR

* Dr. John West on Totalitarian Science: Discovery Institute senior fellow Dr. John West, author of Darwin Day in America: How our politics and culture have been dehumanized in the name of science, speaks with Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart about the rise of totalitarian science. As the culture increasingly looks to science for moral guidance, America is in a moral free fall, for the scientific laws have no moral component and do not even use the words right and wrong.

* ID Interviews on RSR: Hear also Paul Nelson, Stephen Meyer, Jonathan Witt, Lad Allen, and Richard Sternberg.

* Recalling Last Year's Alaska Science Cruise: On a real Science Radio program in 2014 Bob gave to his co-host Fred Williams a debrief on the Discovery Institute's cruise to Alaska which Bob benefited from immensely with great presentations from John West, Stephen Meyer, John West, Paul Nelson, and Oxford's John Lennox.

* Two New Real Science Radio Videos
: If you click to see RSR's two-minute contribution to the undercover abortion viral videos phenomenon, you'll not only see perhaps the most needed video to date on the crisis, but you'll also help this contribution hit the 10,000 views mark (currently at 9,900+).  Then there's Bob's theistic evolution presentation in Malibu that we've embedded right here:


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RSR: Bob and Fred Report on Flood Model Progress

* Real Science Radio in England: Bob Enyart is headed to England on a research project, from Sept. 13th to the 23rd. In the latter part of the trip, he will meet with creation-minded scientists, tentatively in Liverpool, Portsmouth, and at Cambridge or Oxford, but potentially, anywhere the trains go! So if you are such a scientist, or creation activist, please let us know at if you would be available for a meeting.

* Update: Hear those RSR interviews recorded on location with science and engineering professors from Liverpool, Leeds, and Portsmouth. Also, there's a Skype interview tentatively in the works with a professor from Oxford. And see the Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge that we put in Richard Dawkin's faculty mailbox at New College in Oxford.

* Where Did the Water Come From? Then the guys get to the controversial stuff on flood models. In 2014 the RSR Global Flood video claimed that only the Hydroplate Theory can answer the question: Where did the water come from? Now, in 2015, we have what we are interpreting as an admission from the non-hydroplate theory camps that their flood models have no way of adding to the Earth's surface during the flood significant quantities of additional water. 

* Pond Scum and Atheists in the Latest Creation Mag: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams begin with fun science news in the latest edition of For example, as illustrated on the right (by John Bracht, American University, and Robert Hammersmith, Ball State University), CMI reports on the discovery of a non-primitive, not-simple single-celled pond organism Oxytricha trifallax that breaks its DNA into 225,000 segments and then reassembles it before reproducing! In this issue of their great magazine, Creation Ministries International also reports on a survey about belief in aliens conducted by astronomer David Weintraub from Tennessee's Vanderbilt University, of various demographic groups, atheists, muslims, Roman Catholics, mainline denominations, etc. It turns out that the most superstitious of these groups were atheists, with a majority of atheists believing in aliens, whereas the least superstitious were fundamentalist evangelicals such as Southern Baptists (and Fred, and Pastor Bob, and Denver Bible Church).

* BTW: This evening, Bob Enyart, his brother Brian and sister-in-law Jen, and her mom Dee, appeared briefly on The Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, from weeks ago when they enjoyed a meal at Denver's excellent Greek restaurant Axios.

Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans

* Lad Allen on RSR! Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews Lad Allen of Illustra Media on his latest film, Living Waters:  Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth. Featuring humans Paul Nelson and Richard Sternberg and a multitude of dolphins, sea turtles, sockeye salmon, and humpback whales, this extraordinary production will thrill anyone with a thirst for compelling evidence of design and purpose in the living world. (Image right: Producer Allen on the "set" of Living Waters.) To order a DVD that you can enjoy and share with a friend just visit or, to get the film—and at the same time to support our own broadcast—please shop here at RSR at!


Evidence Against Global Warming: A Skeptic on RSR

Calvin Biesner, Cornwall Alliance, open letter to Pope Francis against global warming* Author of the Letter to the Pope on RSR: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews Calvin Beisner, the primary author of the widely-read open letter to Pope Francis on global warming junk science. As the founder of the Cornwall Alliance and one of the world's leading experts on the allegation that human beings are harming the global climate, Dr. Beisner is highly qualified to update us here at Real Science Radio on the evidence and the latest developments in the controversy.

Global warming hockey stick* Missing Hockey Stick Data: From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file, the data has gone missing for that infamous “hockey stick” graph, admits lead scientist.

* Warming Ended 18 Years Ago: The UK's National Weather Service, the Met Office, released global weather data in 2012 showing that the slight 16-year warming trend from 1981 to 1997 had then been followed by 16 years of cooling. As Britain's Daily Mail sees it, "Global warming stopped 16 years ago."

* Sea Level is DECREASING in "Hot Spots" D.C. & NY: Really. From 2009 to 2016.

* Disgracing the Name NOAA in September 2016: Mankind has learned that conclusions are often motivated by political correctness. But one could hope that the "data" itself, including regarding global warming, would be spared much of the bias. Hope no longer. Yet another reason to distrust even the "raw" data published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA vs. the credible Noah) emerged with their fabricated "record heat" data for locations in Africa and the Middle East for the month of Sept. 2016. See also the infamous climatologist Phil Jones admitting to the practice of making up data (which of course always was skewed toward global warming) and see the graph (left) that demonstrates the unreliability of "official" temperature records (green) as compared to actually reliable (red and blue) satellite data.

* Actual Satellite Land Temperature Data Shows Record Cooling: The year 2016 shows record global cooling over land according to Remote Sensing Systems. Unlike the missing hockey stick data, the satellite data behind this stunning chart is real and comes from state-of-the-art technology:


* RSR Climate Hustle Film Interviews: To help build the theater audience for the one-night-only Fathom Event film, Climate Hustle, Bob Enyart aired brief interviews with writer and producer Craig Rucker and with Dr. Bonner Cohen, one of the senior policy analysts behind the film.

* CO2 and Albedo Cloud Reflection Updates: Further corroborating Bob Enyart's long-time point, agreed to by Beisner, that increased temperature creates increased evaporation, which increases the cloud cover, which increases the Earth's albedo reflected more of the sun's energy into space, thus helping to regulate worldwide temperatures that allow life to thrive on our fine-tuned planet. Interestingly then, in October 2015, a former climate modeler for Australia's Greenhouse Office, an engineer with six degrees in applied mathematics, reported finding a flaw in climate model handling of carbon dioxide which reduces by about 90% the extent to which the gas would effect warming. Separately he does raise the issue of "albedo modulation", but we predict that he will soon be found to be wrong on that part of his claim. :) Regardless though, we like this engineer's affirmation of what we've long said here, that the Sun causes global warming.

* Video of RSR on the Pepperdine Campus: In Malibu this summer Bob Enyart warned Pepperdine University students about theistic evolution. That presentation is now on YouTube and available for viewing right here:

* More Arctic Ice and anti-IPCC IPCC Scientists: The Earth, an ice maker extraordinare, made a half-a-million square miles of Arctic ice more in 2013 than compared to previous summer. And check out these IPCC and other UN scientists blasting the UN's IPCC.

* Even more Arctic Ice: Now there's even way more Arctic ice in 2014 which falsifies Al Gore's claim that by the summar of 2014, the North Pole would be ice free.

* The Weather Phenomenon Known as the Gore Effect: Link directly to this item with Ironic record breaking snowfalls, cold snaps, and blizzards, and accumulated ice have a tendency to accompany Al Gore's climate talks or even cancel global warming events. For example:
- 2016 Arctic global warming expedition stuck in ice; hadn't even reached the arctic circle!
- 2016 Department of the Interior protesters stood in snow and 20 degree temps on day with minus 10 degree low
- 2013 Antarctic global warming scientists rescued from too much ice after third icebreaker had abandoned effort!
- 2012 Rio di Janero's Int'l Climate Conference attendees shivered in the coldest June temps in recorded history!  
- 2009 Global warming trek makes it less than halfway to the north pole due to cold!
- 2009 Journalists for Copenhagen's Global Warming conference stuck for hours in near-freezing cold
- 2009 Expected "biggest warming protest" ever froze out in D.C. as snow keeps even the Speak of the House away 
- 2008 London's first October snow since 1922 chills Parliament's global warming debate
- 2008 Gore's doomsday warming talk at Harvard greeted by near 125-year low temperatures   
- 2007 prediction of less ice around Antarctica leads to 2013 reversal that global warming produces too much ice!
- 2007 Global warming hearing in D.C. canceled due to snow and ice storm and then...
- 2006 Gore decries global warming in bitterly cold NYC
- "My Father God can whoop your Mother Earth," said Bob Enyart, "but regardless, it just may be that you can't fool even her." Feel free to send your favorite example to Thanks!

* Sees 52 Explanations for Warming Pause: The global warming industry explains the 18-year pause in more ways than there are to skin a cat!
* Head of UN's IPCC Resigns in Scandal: Resigning in 2015 amidst a sexual harassment scandal, rather than having brought a cool scientific mind to the job, the outgoing head propagandist of the UN's International Panel on Climate Change, zealot Rajendra Pachauri, admits that to him fighting climate change is a religion.
* Hysterical Warming List: now up to 883 results (many contradictory, like warming making fish bigger, and smaller).  

Real Science's climate expert Steven Goddard shows gvt data tampering

* NOAA Altering U.S. Temperature Data: From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" file, Real Science's climate expert Steven Goddard documented that the U.S. government has been fudging with stubborn thermometer readings. The extensive U.S. historical temperature collection throughout the 1900s is the envy of much of the world. Yet because it shows that the U.S. has not warmed but cooled since the 1930s, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, pronounced Noah :) has been systematically altering the data, to show an increase instead of a decrease. Note the bouncing circles in the chart on the right. They show a decrease when using actual thermometer readings; they show an increase after "adjusted" to make the data consistent with the global warming scare.

* December 2015 Update on Temperature Adjustment Scam: A study led by an experienced meteorologist, presented at the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, demonstrates that NOAA is using poorly positioned thermometers, near encroaching concrete buildings, air conditioner exhausts, etc., to adjust upward the readings of other, properly situated thermometers.

* December 2016 Update on $70 Billion in Savings from Weaker Hurricanes: As reported in the Wall Street Journal and contradicting the dire predictions of climate change activists, "No Category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane has made landfall in the U.S. since Hurricane Wilma in 2005 [right], by far the longest such period on record. This means that cumulative economic damage from hurricanes over the past decade is some $70 billion less than the long-term average would lead us to expect..."

* Michael Fumento in the Post -- Global Warming Proof Evaporating: Michael's otherwise great iconoclastic article blunders slightly by furthering the fully-refuted myth that leaders in the day of Columbus (or any day), believed that the Earth was flat. Check out the Cornell history professor's article on the myth of belief that the church (or any school or any leaders) ever taught a flat earth, at Of course today the actual Flat Earth Society is going strong (bizarre, no?), and its president is an old-earth evolutionist. :)  

SUVs Can't Be the Cause for Global Warming on Mars Either...* Ice Melting on Mars: NASA documents the melting of polar ice on Mars, yet there are only two :) SUVs there. So the slight change in global temperatures, here and there, just might have something to do with the Sun. As National Geographic reports results from NASA's Mars missions, at its south pole, for three summers in a row Mars' polar ice cap has been melting. This significant, planet-wide, laboratory-like, evidence indicates that here on Earth, where we're 48 million miles closer to Sun, that global-warming scientists are wrong to ignore the Sun in their assigning blame for melting ice.

* Global Warming Began 135 Years Ago: Really. That's what researchers are now saying. (Perhaps that's an unintented side-effect of their lowering, as described above, temperature data from the early 1900s.) Consider also though that the Coast Guard said that ice has frozen earlier in the Great Lakes in 2014 than at any year in more than half a century.

* From the RThe Cooling, chapter 7: The Politics of Global Cooling :)SR Program Global Cooling -- The Book: To provide historical perspective regarding the unauthorized release of scientists' embarassing emails, just click on that link to hear Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney discuss The Cooling by atheist author (and editor of Michael Shermer's Skeptic Magazine) Lowell Ponte, on global cooling. That's just too ironic. Also discussed is the anti-climactic (no sic) release of anti-global warming emails from the world's leading pro-global warming alarmist scientists. Bob andThe Cooling by Lowell PonteDoug crack up over the unauthorized release of these internal emails between Europe's top global warming the-end-is-near doomsday prophet scientists. Check this out also in Britain's The Guardian newspaper: "Pretending the climate email leak isn't a crisis won't make it go away."

The Cooling jacket

* 650 Climate Experts Dispute Global Warming:The physicist fired by Al Gore adds name to Senate list of 650 anti-alarmists. Really.

* 1,000 Scientists Doubt Global Warming Claims: Check out this great list over at!

* 9,000 Ph.D.s Sign Anti-Global Warming Petition: WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh reports that "9,000 Ph.D.s in fields such as atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties - have signed a petition rejecting 'global warming'".

* 31,000 Scientists Sign Anti-Global Warming Petition: When they say consensus, consensus, doubt the consensus. Now that the warming ended 19 years ago, the report by BEL friend, WorldNetDaily's Bob Unruh, is especially interesting, that "More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S. ... have signed a petition rejecting 'global warming'". Many of those who reject God end up as dirt worshipers and become doomsayer prophets warning that "The End is Near," in hopes of getting others to worship the creation rather than the Creator. One of the signatories, Ph.D. in atmospheric science who has specialized in remote sensing research for the U.S. government for 30 years is a friend of Real Science Radio, Dr. Ed Holroyd. See update: The Global Warming Denier Deniers.

The Cooling by Lowell Ponte* Popular False Predictions: Carl Sagan at; Isaac Asimov at nuclear-winterGlobal warming doomsayer Paul Ehrlich at with his predicted U.S. starvation deaths of 65 million in the 1980s; and to avoid global warming; and see also the totally unrelated yet important political report at /jeb-bush!

* Popular Trustworthy Prediction: God provided the foundation of physics for the world's climate and gave a prophecy about global climate in the book of Genesis. "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease." - Genesis 8:22

* Global Warming Hypocrites: In the Greenpeace carbon scandal, leading exec commutes by chartered jet. And airline exec Richard Brandson emits 7M tons of carbon! Then Al Gore's carbon footprint includes his multiple mansions and solar-paneled 100-foot houseboat and $500 million dollar payday from oil money!

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* See a Sneak Preview Tonight in Denver: At the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship first hear Dr. Anthony Harper speak on Evolution's Influence on Psychology and then we'll see a sneak preview of the powerful film, A Matter of Faith! So you are cordially invited to attend this screening at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, August 14th, at the Calvary Apostolic Church, 5900 E. Yale Ave in Denver. See also Dr. Harper's Intermountain Christian News at

David Rives: Creation in the 21st Century on RSR

* One of the World's Most Influential Creationists: With his enormous weekly television audience, David Rives, host of the Creation in the 21st Century on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, is quickly becoming one of the most influential creationists in the world! Bob Enyart is honored to welcome David to the RSR studio. You can watch Rives (for Broncos' fans, that's pronounced Reeves) program every Wednesday at noon Eastern Time. David conducts his own historical and scientific research, has been featured on the History Channel in relation to his work on Dead Sea Scrolls projects, interviews many of the world's most effective creationists, and has appeared on media outlets around the world.

* David Rives' Field Work: Hundreds of hours working with observatory class telescopes and eleven trips to the Holy Land provide the backdrop for David's broadcast to millions on TBN with his signature line: "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God." From a biblical prospective he explores the beauty and sophistication of creation while his successful songwriting and recording career enables David to add a musical dimension to his outreach. Around the world people hear his message through documentaries, music, television programs, interviews, photography, books, and lectures. Perhaps most significantly, David launched the groundbreaking Genesis Science Network., available on Roku and streaming on phones, pads, notebooks, and PCs! See why Bob loves this 24/7 presentation of creation science material...


* RSR's 2-minute Contribution to the Viral Abortion Body Parts Videos: Prepare yourself, but then, please share...


* Video of RSR on the Pepperdine Campus: In Malibu this summer Bob Enyart warned Pepperdine University students about theistic evolution. That presentation is now on YouTube and available for viewing right here:


* Two of RSR's Favorite Creationists with David Rives: See David interview Mike Snavely on the global flood and the hydroplate theory (episode just re-aired on August 3, 2015) and Dr. Jonathan Safarti on scientific evidence for the global flood!

Eric Hovind on Real Science Radio

Bob Enyart interviews Eric Hovind of Creation Today about his effective rebuttal of the theory of evolution and the misinformation that leads many people to accept an old earth and to reject God. Bob and Eric discuss:
- Eric's Genesis 3D film's trailers and featurettes (see one below)
- Crowd funding for Genesis 3D
- the eight Creation Minute videos
- the Hovind family's role in the creation movement
- and the airing in the 1990s of one of their entire five-hour video series in 80 cities from Honolulu to Orlando on Bob Enyart Live.

* Video of RSR on the Pepperdine Campus: The presentation in Malibu that Bob and Eric disccused from this summer warning Pepperdine University students about theistic evolution is now on YouTube and available for viewing right here:


RSR's List of Solar System Formation Problems 2

* Conclusion of this RSR List Show: Hear part 1 at

* March 2015 IAU Image Typical of Pluto Expectations: (Below, see our list of solar system formation problems.) Just a few months ago, the International Astronomical Union used an image of Pluto (right) that represents the expectations of secular astronomers depicting a heavily cratered body grimy from sweeping up billions of years of space dust. Again though, the predictions of old-earth astronomy failed. Likewise, from its physics to its major predictions, the entire theory of solar system formation, the nebular hypothesis, has failed. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams then back up to get the big picture by quoting NASA's exoplanet database manager Caltech astronomer Mike Brown who said: “Before we ever discovered any [planets outside the solar system] we thought we understood the formation of planetary systems pretty deeply… It was a really beautiful theory. And, clearly, thoroughly wrong." Exoplanets, with their masses, sizes, composition and orbital characteristics differ from what had been predicted for decades by the standard model of solar system formation, including with their retrograde orbits, highly inclined orbits and hot jupiters, effectively falsifying that model.

* July 2015 What Pluto Actually Looks Like: The actual photos of Pluto from NASA's New Horizons mission will help make it obvious to thousands more people that the nebular hypothesis theory of origins is not helpful in understanding our solar system (or any other solar system for that matter). On today's program, Bob and Fred conclude RSR's List of Problems with Solar System Formation and they air an audio clip from a leading planetary scientist on the Passport to Pluto Science Channel update on NASA's mission acknowledging that even close to home, the predictions of mainstream (secular) astronomy mostly fail, and that's for planets nearest to home, in our very own solar system system. Taken together, the impressive scientific discoveries that completely falsify the nebular hypothesis of solar system formation include these:

- exoplanets contradicting the predictions of the theory
- that our Sun is missing nearly 100% of its predicted spin 
- that our Sun's rotation is seven degrees off the ecliptic
- the missing predicted uniform distribution pattern of solar system isotopes
- the missing expected uniform distribution of Earth's radioactivity
- the contrary-to-expectations fine tuning of the solar system
- the many contrary-to-expectations transient events in the solar system
- that proponents try to prop up the theory by claiming ubiquitous planetary catastrophism
planetary and star formation problems have seemingly intractable physics problems (consider the Philae landing)
- contrary to an Oort or Kuiper origin, comets contain earth-like minerals and rounded boulders    
- short-period comets still exist even though they have lifespans of only thousands of years
- the 1,346 trans-Neptunian objects with known orbits reach perihelion at the ecliptic
- that Mercury has greater density than can be accounted for by evolutionary accretion 
- that Uranus rotates perpendicularly and Venus rotates backwards.
So the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the BBC, Nova, Bill NyeLawrence Krauss, etc., wrongly built public confidence in the secular origins nebular hypothesis story. The longstanding claims of solar system formation were invented ad hoc to account for the particulars of our own solar system. Now that thousands of exoplanets are being discovered, the story telling will simply become, as with epicycles and levels of Darwinian selection, shall we say, more complex.