HPT Takes Center Stage at ICR HQ - Part I

Listen to Part II of the interview HERE!

*Paster Kevin Lea: RSR hosts Fred Williams & Doug McBurney welcome Pastor Kevin Lea of Calvary Church Port Orchard WA for a deep dive into his presentation, (along with faithful co-laborers) of Hydroplate Theory to the headquarters staff at the Institute for Creation Research.

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*Not the Hydroplate Theory: But it was great to see John Knox and our fellow workers at the Babylon Bee’s “straight” news site Not the Bee cite Walt Brown in a story about unrelated water possibly trapped within the earth’s mantle. While those waters, (if they exist) are not necessarily related to Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory we welcome the boys at the Bee to link to Walt as often as they can!

*Can I Get a Witness? Since none of us were there at the time of the flood, (except Jesus Christ), we must turn to His Word first in analyzing flood models, and everything else in life!

*A Catastrophic Theory: When John Baumgardner determined to “get plate tectonics into” the Bible, via CPT, it was only after the scientific failure of the Canopy Theory that convinced even well-intentioned brothers like Henry Morris III to abandon it, (although he did say “I’d like for it to be true.”

*The “Who's Who” of ICR: Kevin presented HPT to all the scientists on staff at ICR in Dallas: Randy GuliuzzaJeffrey TompkinsTim ClearyLeo “Jake” HebertJames JohnsonFrank SherwinBrian Thomas and others.

*The “Who's Who” of HPT: Mike SnavelyBryan Nickel, Jim McDowell, Rob Yardley, Rob Brown, Juanita & Kevin Lea all attended the historic ICR/HPT presentation on behalf of Walt Brown and Hydroplate Theory.

*Planet 9 From Outer Space: The predicted discovery of “Planet 9” (or Planet X) by atheists, and old earth cosmologists to explain the argument of the perihelion, has never come to pass. But Rob Brown’s peer-reviewed journal article describing the origin of distant TNOs from within our solar system did!

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