Hear Will Duffy's Debate Opening Statement: "Is Open Theism Biblical?"

* Hear Will Duffy's Opening Statement: from...

* Duffy Debates/Introduces Open Theism to a Novice Calvinist: This event provides an insight that many other debates cannot. Have you ever wondered about the average Calvinist, that is, the non-theologian, who dutifully believes what he's been told about God and the Bible? Will Duffy's debate here provides insight into thousands or perhaps millions of Calvinist believers who themselves have minimal familiarity even with their own belief system and only have a distorted caricature, based on what they've been told, of the view that the future cannot be settled but most be open, because God is free and inexhaustibly creative. Of course, Duffy was respectful and gracious toward CJ Borns.

* Only Trusting God's Inabilities; Can't Trust Him If He's Free: Something apparent in most of our debates was present in this one also. You can hear the non-open theist say that if God had a truly free and functioning "will" that He could not be trustworthy. We've noticed how this false doctrine undermines a believer's relationship with the Lord. Calvinists trust God's inabilities but not His abilities. They should be trusting His active love and commitment to righteousness. Yet they ask, incredulously, "How can you possibly trust God if God is free?" Will Duffy's answer paraphrased Scripture. "God demonstrated His love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." That is how we know that we can trust Him. Not because of any supposed attributes of impassibility, immutability, impecability (which are inabilities and the attributes of a stone idol) but we can trust Him because God has demonstrated His trustworthiness and faithfulness, which are not inabilities but positive attributes. (See this discussed in Bob's reply in the comments on YouTube under Duffy's open theism debate with Matt Slick.) 

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