What is Terrorism? The Best Definition...

More than 39,187 deadly Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11.
That's NOT a misprint. Please read that again. And think.
See the list at TheReligionOfPeace.com.
A report delivered at the liberal Counsel on Foreign Relations
found in one year 121 violent Islamist groups operating
in 66 countries committed more than a dozen attacks a day
in Allah's name murdering 42,000 people just in 2017.
Double that to count Syria too. See all this at CBS News.
No fringe group could commit all these atrocities. Islamic terror is widespread.

* Who Hates Muslims the Most? "The primary victims of Islamic extremism are Muslims. So anything less than a full effort to identify and defeat Islamic terror is a hatred, including self-loathing, of Muslims." - Bob Enyart, kgov.com/terror

* The Media Says that Islam is Tolerant: "If Islam is a religion of tolerance, then how many synagogues are in Mecca, a 500-square-mile city of a million people? None. And how many churches are in the entire country of Saudi Arabia? None. Islam is the religion of intolerance. (Meanwhile, there is the Great Synagogue of Rome and the Mosque of Rome.)" -Bob Enyart, kgov.com/terrorism

* The Media Says Islam is a Peaceful Religion: "Saudi Arabia, Iran, and four other Islamic countries have laws that call for the death penalty for a Muslim who converts to Christianity or some other religion. Some have the same for denigrating Mohammad and Allah. When someone says Islam is a religion of peace, just ask, 'Where?'" -Bob Enyart, kgov.com/terror

* Saudi Arabia, the Hajj, and Terrorism: "If Islam opposes terrorism, then Saudi Arabia should announce that no one supportive of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any jihadi group or terrorist action, is welcome in Mecca to make Hajj." -Bob Enyart, kgov.com/hajj [Yes, if they don't make Hajj, some think they'd go to hell. But at least then they'd be with Mohammed. But instead of forbidding terror supporters, tragically, Saudi Arabia has celebrated an admitted jihadist bomber who killed kids. See Sbarro, just below.]

* The "Link" to Terror is the "Justification": When governments and the media wrongly claim that a particular Muslim mass murderer has no "link" to Islamic terror (see below the Ali Sonbaly example at kgov.com/terror#allahu-akbar), realize that the only relevant "connection" to terrorism is the motivation, that is, the alleged "justification" used to commit an atrocity. A Muslim murderer shouting "Allahu Akbar" is by definition connected to Islamic terror.

* DEFINITION: As at kgov.com/definitions, terrorism is violent crime committed to influence public policy. Perfectly good words exist to describe other heinous acts, like murder, genocide, unjust war, revenge killing, arson, mass murder, bombing, war crime, monstrous, etc. Terrorism is not workplace violence. It is not unjust domestic or foreign war waged by nations. Terror is not a family murder-suicide nor revenge against a boss, a school, or whomever, regardless of the weapons used, the amount of terror inflicted, or the number of victims. Such unjust and criminal behavior terrorizes people, but only with the aim of influencing public policy does such behavior or the threat of such behavior, committed by an individual, group, or government that otherwise supports terrorism, qualify as terrorism. (If two nations war, for example, over a border dispute, even if only one is in the wrong, that nation is commiting a grave violent injustice, but not terrorism. If a side in a border dispute advocates terrorism to achieve its goals, then even its governmental military operations can be considered terror.)

* Expanding Upon the Bush Doctrine: "If you harbor a terrorist you are a terrorist," was the policy of U.S. president George W. Bush. However as with his hypocrisy in doubling the tax money given to the Planned Parenthood abortion chain, Bush also gave tens of millions of dollars to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. Thus the KGOV Doctrine appends to the Bush Doctrine, "and if you are a terrorist you are a terrorist." A government that supports terrorism of course is itself then guilty of terrorism.

* Sbarro: "If Islam were truly against killing, one could hardly imagine a scenario more tailored to evoke Muslim outrage than unrepentant child killers [five blown up at a Sbarro's pizzaria] literally receiving the royal treatment at Islam's holiest site." Instead, only silence or even celebration from the world's Imams and Islamic leaders.

* Cross-dressing Jihadis: Question: While the afterlife reward for males is well known, what do female suicide bombers get? Answer: They get to opt out of that program so that they don't have to be one of the 72. How though, will the male bombers know whether any of their 72 virgins will be female? And speaking of homosexuality, consider also the cross-dressing jihadis. For example, there's:

- the jihadi terrorist leader captured in Syria in mascara, lipstick, and a burqa
- the Islamic terrorist bomber captured in the UK after trying to flee in a burqa
- Muslim cross-dressing cop killer Mustaf Jama
- an alleged woman who wouldn't show the face under "her" niqab in court in Michigan
- A Muslim man in a burqa bombed and murdered 15 and injured 80 in a West African capital city
Muslim shoplifters, allegedly female, result in Indian businesses banning burqas
- two arrested Somali Muslim terrorists in drag might instead be just your run of the mill Islamic cross-dressers 
- and don't trust any person who wears a mask in public (like the person pictured just to the right).

* Burqa Bans: The first western countries to "ban the burqa" and niqab face coverings (in one way or another) are AustriaFrance (as upheld by the European Union), Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Holland (including the full Netherlands), and even Germany and Denmark, while Canada's province of Quebec has been trying various ways to minimize burqa sightings. Also, the non-Muslim majority African and Asian nations that have "banned the burqa" are Sri LankaGabon and in its Muslim province of Xinjiang, China. Finally, the Muslim nations that have banned face coverings completely or to varying degrees are AzerbaijanChad, NigerTunisiaCongoTajikistanMalaysiaCameroon, and Morocco.

Women in Afghanistan
Cloth-caged Afghan women

* Burqa and Headscarf DOs and DON'Ts:
Don'ts: Two Muslim nations, Kosovo and Azerbaijan have even banned the hijab headscarf though it doesn't obscure the face, as has, in part, even the increasingly Islamist Turkey. Saudi Arabia is in transition with the Crown Prince bin Salman working toward preventing "religious police" from arresting women who do not have their heads covered. Countries considering prohibiting face coverings are Senegal and Guinea, and Austria plans a ban in primary schools to begin sometime this year in 2018. 
Do's: Iran actually requires women to wear headscarves, with a woman in Tehran in 2018 sentenced to two years in prison for refusing. Also far from banning the burqa and niqab, women in various Afghanistan regions must wear a burka and many Afghan women elsewhere wear one out of fear, as currently is the case also in Saudi Arabia.

* All Nations Should Ban Veils: Nations interested both in security and in the liberation of women should ban the burqa and niqab. One's face is one's social identity and Islam's enforcement of the burqa not only robs women even of their identities, it also robs their neighbors of the ability to see whether someone is actually a woman or perhaps a jihadi terrorist bomber cross-dressing as a woman. Of course, unless intimidated by political correctness, no business owner would allow customers in masks to enter their establishment. Society should ban the burqa also out of safety concerns for employees (not to mention the courtesy of permitting others to see whom they are interacting with).

Islamic terror meme: Let's not jump to concl... Aaand it's Muslims!* Blame the Imam Not Targeted by Terrorists: Understandably, many non-Muslims do not even trust unmasked Islamic women, let alone the men. With 38,825 lethal terrorist attacks committed in the name of Allah in the sixteen years since 9/11, Muslims everywhere have brought suspicion upon themselves because they have not cleaned their own house. It is not the would-be victims of jihadists but the Imams who are to blame for suspicion of Muslims around the world. So every Islamic leader should be leading the fight against, and ending the epidemic of, jihad. While stamping out the scourge, a goal of every Imam should be to make himself a leading target of the terrorists. They must constantly fight until they have made defense of jihad, let alone advocacy, unthinkable, forbidden, taboo, unmentionable, and, under the charge of conspiracy to murder, legally prohibited.

Finding the courage to use the "t" word, regarding the Boston Marathon bombing president Barack Obama said, "Anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror." That's wrong, and on a matter of national security which requires the utmost clarity, it serves to confuse the nation's understanding. The bomber who terrorized Illinois churches wasn't a terrorist but a criminal. On the other hand, five-year-old Danielle Shefi was killed in her parents' bedroom in Israel by a terrorist using only a gun (NPR, whose science host once sued Bob Enyart, identified the little girl as an "Israeli settler").

Terrorism doesn't require the targeting of many people, nor any type of systematic behavior, nor the use of weapons of mass destruction, but only the commission of a crime (including threats) to influence public policy. Google's automated definition is accurate: "the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims". While clarity may save lives, those who define terrorism, though, like Merriam Webster, in a way that includes rapists and omits the public policy factor, cause confusion.

* Five Things To Know About Munich's Ali Sonbaly: (whom Germany, the New York Times, the BBC, etc., say had no connections to Islamic terror)...
1. He shouted Allahu Akbar as he began murdering children.
2. He shouted Allahu Akbar as he began murdering children.
3. He shouted Allahu Akbar as he began murdering children.
4. He shouted Allahu Akbar as he began murdering children.
5. He shouted Allahu Akbar as he began murdering children.
Characteristically, the New York Times' lengthy report claiming, "No Terrorist Link" in Sonbaly's murder of nine innocent people in Munich did not even mention the eyewitness report from a Muslim mother that Sonbaly shouted "Allahu Akbar" just as he opened fire on the children, as early-on reported by CNN, the Mirror, and FrontPage, before much of the mainstream media media decided to drop the coverage of the link to Islam. And not surprisingly, the lethally politically-correct Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae admitted that his investigators had not even spoken to all the witnesses yet but that regardless, "Even if he would have said [Allahu Akbar], it would not automatically indicate anything." No, of course not. Some people seethe with hatred and look for a "justification" to murder those they oppose. So just as when Black Live Matter protesters chant for the killing of police officers, when some Imams advocate killing "infidels", the only needed "link" to terror is when "justification" has been provided by groups calling for the killing of the victims.

* Europe Coercing Press Not to Report Terrorists' Muslim Connections: Some may cling to the hope that elite politicians and alleged journalists fail to report the Islamic motivation of terrorists out of incompetence. However, in an October 2016 report, the Council of Europe made their policy goal explicit: Governments should instruct media outlets to refrain from reporting even clear terrorist connections to Islam in favor of "alternative explanations":

terrorists-named-mohammad.jpg...where the media stress the Muslim background of perpetrators of terrorist acts, and devote significant coverage to it, the violent backlash against Muslims is likely to be greater than in cases where the perpetrators’ motivation is downplayed or rejected in favour of alternative explanations.  - The Directorate General II, Fifth Report on the UK

* Five Things To Know About Minnesota's Muslim Mall Terrorist: While the alleged journalists at CBS in Minnesota are unsure about the motive of Dahir Adan, here is what we do know, not from a dying declaration but from his killing declaration:
1. He mentioned Allah as he tried to kill only non-Muslims.
2. He mentioned Allah as he tried to kill only non-Muslims.
3. He mentioned Allah as he tried to kill only non-Muslims.
4. He mentioned Allah as he tried to kill only non-Muslims.
5. He mentioned Allah as he tried to kill only non-Muslims.
These elements, aka the Islamic Killing Declaration, are typical of the final moments of thousands of misunderstood members of The Religion Of Peace. Related: What is the first diagnostic question when investigating whether an Islamic terrorist had a network? Did he attend a mosque? 

* 100 Lashes If You Don't First Die Laughing100 lashes if you dont first die laughing: Hear Bob Enyart Live discuss the murder by Muslim terrorists of those who publish cartoons of Mohammad. And get the URL for the image to the right at kgov.com/files/images/100-lashes-if-you-dont-first-die-laughing.jpg.

* Boston Strangler vs. Boston Bombers; Terrorists vs. Criminals

The Boston Strangler was a criminal, the Boston bombers were terrorists. Terrorists include Osama bin Laden, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and the Tsarnaevs. Criminals include the Columbine murderers, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy.

* Muslim "fatwa" Ruling Permitting Rape: An Islamic legal authority has issued a ruling affirming the human trafficking of "infidel" women and girls by Muslim men. The ruling, reported by Reuters and London's Daily Mirror, begins:

Muslim extremists human trafficking women in cages One of the graces which Allah has bestowed up the [Islamic] State of Caliphate is the conquest of large surface areas of the country and one of the inevitable consequences of jihad is that women and children of infidels will become captives of Muslims.

Rule #6 of the 15 issued is typical: The owner of two sisters is allowed to have sex with one of them but not with both of them.

* Imams Must Make Themselves Targets of Terrorists: U.S. conservatives often distrust Muslim leaders who, when called upon, dutifully condemn terrorism. What such Imams should do is to make themselves the enemy of Islamic extremists, such that they make themselves and their own mosques extra vulnerable to attack by Muslim terrorists. Then, many of those unconvinced will accept that such leaders are not just providing verbal political cover, but that they really do oppose Islamic terror.

* Colorado Muslim Community Major Terrorist Ties: Here's an important Bob Enyart Live 2017 program, Remiss No More: BEL on the Denver Islamic Terror Connection. Oh, and did we mention that Muhammad was an African slave trader who owned, bought and sold, black slaves.

letter-to-colorado-muslim-society-denver-radio.png* Denver Radio Show Letter to a Local Imam: Bob Enyart mailed this important letter to Muzaffar J. Shah of the Colorado Muslim Society. Sadly, so far, the Colorado Muslim Society has not responded.

* 9/11 Attack on America  A Christian Response: [2016 Update] Hear (or read the text of) the Bob Enyart Live broadcast response from September 12, the day following the September 11, 2001 Muslim jihadist attack on America. With the benefit of hindsight and now fifteen years later, has BEL's immediate reaction to the Islamic terrorist attack withstood the test of time?

* A "Christian" who Defended Terror: Calling into the BEL radio program in 2002, a "Christian" named Sarah defended Palestinian terrorism just after they intentionally killed a five-year old child in her bed. Bob became enraged.

* Recall the Widespread Muslim Support for 9/11: See this at kgov.com/muslim-support-for-9/11.

* Leftist Boston Globe Admits the Muslim Truth: Two weeks after 9/11, Bob Enyart noted that on Sept. 24, 2001 the Boston Globe referencing a bin Laden expert said that in the Muslim World people think of him as a basically good man, driven to take desperate measures.

* KGOV Reports on bin Laden's Execution: See this BEL show titled, For Sale: 72 Virgins, Like New.

Montreal, Canada's Hate Mosque

* 2017 Update from a Montreal Mosque: According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, an Imam with a reputation as an extremist was invited to speak at a Montreal Mosque. In his message at Dar Al-Arkam (aka Dar Al-Arqam) he quoted a traditional Muslim hadith calling for Jews to be killed. The Islamic verse he quoted in Arabic (which the mosque itself then uploaded to YouTube), says in English, "O Muslim, O servant of Allah, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." This generated the second hate-crime complaint to the Toronto police within forty days. Related Question: What does CBC stand for? Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

* And Speaking of TurkeyDesperate Evolutionists Find Hope in Disabled Turks. Really!

* Obama vs. Francis: By any estimate, over the last few years Barack Obama has done more to defend Islam than Pope Francis has done to defend the Roman Catholic Church.

by Pastor Bob Enyart
Denver Bible Church
(Hear the above definition of terrorism discussed on air on BEL.)


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This is Linda, a Muslim who escaped her homeland who's now trying to turn America into a Muslim natjion

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