Questioning the Undisputed Science

*Interesting Fact of the Week: How many hearts does an octopus have? It's a "trifecta" - three hearts! One regular to pump the blood around the body. And two more to pump the blood past the gills for oxygenation.

*Seeing Design Despite Themselves: Hear the latest news from the world of the "random" and purely "naturalistic" science (so-called) of evolution... Perhaps that "random" part isn't as random as they thought!

*Half a Billion Years or So: Give or take a billion years or so... The currently fashionable Origin of Life (OOL) theory that declared the "undisputed dawn of photosynthesis" on earth occurred about 500 million years ago, has just been dealt a 1.2 billion year setback.

*Royal Truman Vents: Check out Royal Truman's RSR analysis of similar "chemistry fast and loose" being played over in the OOL research community...

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*Don't Throw Out the Thymus: New research indicates that the thymus gland, so blithely removed for decades by doctors educated under the shadow of evolutionary biology, is likely a key defense organ against all kinds of cancer, even in adults!

*Water on the Moon: Another researcher working for Walt Brown has found more water than they thought or expected on the moon.

*Lactose Tolerance: If you can tolerate milk, new research indicates whole milk, or even raw milk might just be the way to go.

*Coming Up: Stay tuned for interviews with Dr. James Tour regarding happenings in the Origin of Life research community, and another A.I. update with Daniel Hedrick.