Theology Thursday

Theology Thursday

Welcome to Theology Thursday: We present select Bible studies and sermons from Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church teaching from Scripture that:
- God is eternally free, inexhaustibly creative, and has existed from everlasting
- His main biblical attributes? He is living, personal, relational, good, and loving
- Proper hermeneutics flow not from Greek and Latin philosophy but from the primary biblical attributes of God
- The Bible explicitly affirms marriage and condemns moral relativism and all immorality including homosexuality
- As God is a person and created us in His likeness He expects us to stand for the personhood of the unborn
- God presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ, based on the death penalty, in Bible's context of criminal justice
- The Bible is not a science text (for they have to be corrected all the time) but instead is scientifically accurate. Enjoy!

Theology Thursday: Blaming God for Columbine

Dishonoring God: When Columbine happened, many Christians said it was part of God's plan. Why do so many Christians blame God for evil in the world?

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Theology Thursday: Die for a Lie?

Evidence for the Resurrection: On today's Theology Thursday, Bob shows us the overwhelming evidence the Christ did rise from the grave.


Theology Thursday: And This Shall Be No More

The Real God: The Ten Commandments reveal what God is actually like. Bob explains why so many Christians have mistaken ideas about God's true nature and character.

* Post-show Update: from Drudge, Google, KGOV, and God...

Judging the Judges

Perjury: In his series on the Ten Commandments, Bob explains how our justice system is corrupted when the judges allow bearing false witness against your neighbor.

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Theology Thursday: The Sixth Commandment

You Shall Not Murder: God holds the community accountable if they allow a crime epidemic. Bob explains that guilt is not diluted when more people are accomplices.