Theology Thursday

Theology Thursday

Welcome to Theology Thursday: We present select Bible studies and sermons from Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church teaching from Scripture that:
- God is eternally free, inexhaustibly creative, and has existed from everlasting
- His main biblical attributes? He is living, personal, relational, good, and loving
- Proper hermeneutics flow not from Greek and Latin philosophy but from the primary biblical attributes of God
- The Bible explicitly affirms marriage and condemns moral relativism and all immorality including homosexuality
- As God is a person and created us in His likeness He expects us to stand for the personhood of the unborn
- God presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ, based on the death penalty, in Bible's context of criminal justice
- The Bible is not a science text (for they have to be corrected all the time) but instead is scientifically accurate. Enjoy!

Theology Thursday: Faith is Evidence

Retrograde orbits: Throughout God's creation God shows of evidence of His existence. Bob shows us examples like planets that spin backwards as he demonstrates that faith is evidence.

Theology Thursday: Daddy's Letter

Honoring Parents: Bob reads a letter from a loving dad to a daughter who has gone astray. Bob explains the importance of children honoring their parents in his series on the Ten Commandments.

Theology Thursday: Politically Incorrect

Reaching the Lost: Bob tells of his experience appearing in ABC's "Politically Incorrect" several years ago and explains the benefits and possible dangers of going into the venue of the evil doers to witness to them.

Thou Doest Protest Too Much

The High Cost of Legalism: Many Christians insist on putting themselves under the Law. Bob shows us the devastating consequences that often follow when they don't choose to live in God's grace.

What's in a Name?

* LOOK WHAT THE LORD HATH WROUGHT: This just in. Before getting to our Theology Thursday topic of the day, take three minutes and look at this latest animation from the anti-Darwinist (though old-earth) intelligent design folks over at the Discovery Institute...


How Many Christians Does it Take?

The Polls Say: Bob presents polling results from Barna that show a huge percentage of born-again teens think that Jesus probably sinned. Only a small percentage believed there is such a thing as absolute truth. 


Theology Thursday: The High Price of Paganism

No Other Gods: As he continues the series on the Ten Commandments, Bob explains the serious cost to people in the Bible and today when they disobey God's commandment “You shall have no other gods before Me."